HCM provider Ceridian announces the launch of Dayforce Wallet for real-time payments for employees


Ceridian, the software as a service (SaaS) firm that provides HCM (Human Capital Management) software has announced that it is going to launch the Dayforce Wallet- a digital wallet to give employees the flexibility of getting real-time payments, whenever they need it. Not long back, Ceridian was all over hrtech news for its announcement of acquiring Excelity Global Solutions, the HCM firm based out of Asia, from the Everstone Group.

David Ossip, the chief executive officer and chairman of Ceridian stated that it is critical now more than ever before, for the enterprises to embrace modern technologies for creating experiences that will drive engagement while providing measurable benefits to their employees.
Ossip also spoke about the digital wallet for the workforce and stated that the Dayforce Wallet changes the concept of the traditional payday fundamentally by giving employees the ability to request access to their pay as soon as they earn it and whenever they need it. This would be made possible with no direct fees for either of the two- employees or the employer.
Ossip stated that the acquisition has positioned Ceridian as a leading HCM provider in the Asia-Pacific region while demonstrating the intent of the company to advance its growth globally.

This new digital wallet, the Dayforce Wallet taps on the benefits that are offered by the Dayforce platform like the calculation of the pay continuously. This gives employees the opportunity to get paid in real-time and on-demand.

The launch of the wallet comes at such a time that it will help the people who are facing difficulties and challenges due to economic conditions triggered by the outbreak of the pandemic. Dayforce Wallet application puts money in the hands of the employees whenever they need it the most, now that many of them are living paycheck to paycheck.

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