GOintegro Launches New Communication and Recognition App

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GOconnect provides a new way of communicating internally and recognizing good actions among employees in real time.

GOintegro, Latin America’s leading Employee Experience Platform, announces today the official launch of GOconnect, a mobile app that integrates the digital experience of communication and social recognition among employees in one place.

GOconnect is GOintegro’s most recent technology innovation that improves interaction and drives engagement. It offers an intuitive and innovative digital experience that allows peer-to-peer recognition within a social platform to promote company values throughout the organization and embrace corporate culture.

The mobile app, already available in iOS and Android, is an easy and customizable way of maximizing the impact of communication and peer-to-peer recognition programs. It allows employees to tag their peers, add images and videos, and publish an open acknowledgement in real time.

“To improve engagement and productivity while reducing the turnover rate, companies are asked to enhance the employee experience offering tools that connect them in real time and celebrate their own unique contribution to the organization. That’s exactly what GOconnect offers”, said German Dyzenchauz, CEO & Co-founder, GOintegro.

Besides social recognition, GOconnects offers an improved way of communication among employees. Key features include:

  • Taking and posting photos and videos in real time.
  • Uploading content from users’ phone gallery.
  • Improved user experience with easier access to specific content.
  • News and galleries visualization improvements.
  • New user registration from mobile.

“It’s essential that we change traditional internal communication and recognition strategies to adapt to the multiple needs the workforce has today. This includes offering them a digital experience to not only communicate transparently and from their phones, but to also make them feel their work has purpose and is well appreciated,” said Jose Guerra, Chief Marketing Office, GOintegro.

About GOintegro

GOintegro is Latin America’s leading Employee Engagement platform, used daily by more than 500 corporate clients, representing over 1 million people, as their main tool for driving employee engagement. Offering a single platform with integrated Applications to develop all your Communication, Recognition, Benefits, Rewards & Incentives initiatives. With 130 employees present in 12 countries, GOintegro covers all Latin America’s Employee Engagement needs.

More than 500 companies, from 100 to 100,000 employees, use GOintegro day by day to boost organizations Digital Transformation.


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