Employee Wellness can now be monitored with the help of Voice Analytics

The global outbreak of the Coronavirus has made all employees resort to working from their homes to stay safe from contraction. Now, companies can make use of voice analytics as an approach to make a connection with their employees who are working from home.

Nemesysco, a voice analytics for emotion detection provider based out of Israel recently announced that the company has lately been witnessing quite an increase in the traction for the application of its voice application solution to monitoring of employee wellness in the midst of the global pandemic. Amir Liberman, the CEO of the company believes that this increased traction that is being experienced for monitoring the wellbeing of the employees working remotely is from organizations spread across Europe, Mexico, India, and the Far East.

The voice analytics solution from Nemesysco that is used for monitoring the wellness of employees is founded upon its Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) technology. It divulges the authentic emotional state of an individual by detection and then measurement of psycho-physiological changes that are not controlled in voice during an open conversation. During real-time conversations or recorded conversations even, the LVA technology runs in the background. What it does is it lays down a baseline for the monitored conversation with the employee and then records any changes which could be relevant to the workplace ecosystem, like fatigue, stress, motivation, frustration, and enthusiasm.

The company expressed that the businesses are not able to measure and completely understand how the new norm of working from home is having an impact on the employees’ performance and overall mind-state. Hence, the adoption of this technology, to enable monitoring of employee wellness. The companies are using this technology with Skype, Zoom, and Team. The InTone solution by the company is currently free of cost.

In this fight against the pandemic, several innovative solutions have come into the limelight. To know more about such solutions benefitting the employees and employers, follow the hrtech cube. Hrtech cube delivers content from in and around the hrtech industry regularly.


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