Phenom announces the launch of HelpOneBillion

The global pandemic has caused a huge on the economy of the world and has resulted in over 26 million Americans filing for unemployment. Apart from that, another 2.7 billion workers have been impacted because of the lockdown implementation all over the world. Even though there have been layoffs and furloughs in many industries, many other industries like retail, food, delivery services, manufacturing, and grocery industries have hiring activities going on actively. Phenom, the global hrtech company has launched an initiative where they will be seen uniting the hiring committed companies with the people who have experienced losing their jobs. The hiring companies include companies like Land O’Lakes IncThe Hershey Company, and General Motors. is a curated and growing network of 500,000 jobs that are verified from over 100 hiring organizations. It was designed to help in the simplification of processes of job searching and connecting people to the opportunities needed by them. It can be used by companies and candidates to find each other.

The committed companies also express their desire to look for people and let the word reach them that they are looking for people to work with them. They also express their delight to be associated with HelpOneBillion as they have faith in the power of pulling together.

Mahe Bayireddi, the CEO and co-founder of Phenom stated that the purpose of this company has forever been to support one billion individuals in finding the right job, and now more than ever the company has to connect people with the courage to organizations who need them. This initiative has now simply become about helping people.

It is a great initiative to help people regain their dignity and tackle the crisis head-on. To know more about such initiatives and solutions from the hrtech industry, follow the hrtech cube. Hrtech cube gives you regular updates about the latest trends in the hrtech industry.


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