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With the talent market facing a ton of fluctuations, employers are looking at investing in apt learning & development solutions to upskill & skill their employees.

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When in school, students are taught everything from scratch, step by step. We start with letters, go to words, then to sentences, and then essays. It is a continuous process that goes on until the end of school. Or that is what we all think. Learning actually is a never ending process. With so many advancements and enhancements emerging in the society, not learning will only lead to possessing rusty skills that will eventually become obsolete.

On the other hand, if you want to witness growth in different aspects of your life, you will have to resort to the in-market trends and tact.

Every employee in an organization works for it with an ultimate goal in mind, and that is to move on to the next stage in life, taking the next step.

Each and every one of them is working for your firm because they expect growth, nurturing and development.  And that is what motivates them to work and stay in the organization. According to Mercer, 78% of employees said they would remain longer with their employer if they saw a career path within the current organization.

New projects bring in new requirements, which means they will require your employees to deliver on the same. Now, that is something that will be difficult to achieve if your employees have little to no knowledge of how to do what to do. Not only will it result in increasing your costs, but also lead to lowered spirits and morale of your employees.

This shows that there is a need for the companies to invest resources and management for the learning and development of their employees.

So, what is the right way to invest in the learning and development of your employees?

Like any other investment, the first step is to Plan, second is to Evaluate, and third is to adapt.

To plan, you need to understand all the pain points and strong points of your workforce. Degreed, the workforce upskilling platform allows organizations to measure the capabilities of their employees across 1500+ skills in order to understand the gap between the current skill set and the required skill set, to be able to fill it efficiently with learning and upskilling. Degreed also happened to launch its Career Mobility product earlier this month. This product not only identifies these gaps automatically, it also presents relevant opportunities.

Once you are done figuring out what is it that you need, you can get to evaluating all the options that are available in the market and choose the best fit.

When evaluating different solutions, there are a few things that you should look for, apart from the course content and program material –

  •         Variety of Programs Offered
  •         Distinct Channels and Formats
  •         Mobile Device Compatibility
  •         Analytical Tracking
  •         Effective Automation and Integration

One of the leading learning solutions that recently integrated with ServiceNow to promote workforce learning, Cornerstone OnDemand, offers a wide array of people development solutions. From mobile learning, to video, audio, digital documents, led, and even VR formats are some of the distinct features of this LMS. The most sought after attribute is of getting custom reports for tracking metrics and understanding the next best action, delivered by rich analytical reports. With this new ServiceNow integration, Cornerstone can offer the right experience to the employees in learning their flow of work.

Now coming to the adapting stage, all the employees of your company have different personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. Each employee is different and what works for one may not necessarily work for the other. So what better than adaptive learning? Gold Brandon Hall Award winner True Office Learning, is the creator of ground-breaking adaptive learning tech via ‘Scholar’. Scholar offers truly adaptive courses that adjust to the unique knowledge and understanding levels of the learner as the course unfolds. This solution delivers personalized content on the basis of the ability and skills of the learner. This allows the organizations to enable their employees to instill the necessary skills while being in their own space.

Employee learning and development is a huge selling point for organizations that want to establish themselves as employee-centric and committed towards their workforce. These endeavors are beneficial not only to the employees but to the entire organizational ecosystem as a whole. Now more than ever, upskilling and development are needed to ensure a boost in the overall productivity of firms.

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