Scouted Launched for Employees and Applicants Connections


Today, Drafted, the network recruiting startup out of Boston, announced a new app called Scouted to add a layer of network intelligence to applicant screening. Scouted automatically parses applicant resumes and uses artificial intelligence to find current employees who can add context about the applicant’s work experience. For example, if an applicant worked in marketing at Pinterest and applied to work at Etsy, Scouted finds current relevant employees at Etsy who previously worked in marketing at Pinterest and collects their input. Engaging employees early in the hiring process is known to be beneficial for hiring quality, speed, and diversity. More data leads to better outcomes and faster hires.

“Scouted can help you speed up your candidate screening process while improving the quality of your applicants,” says Vinayak Ranade, CEO at Drafted. “There’s a current employee somewhere in your org, who has overlapping experience with the applicant, who can give you incredibly valuable data to inform screening decisions. It’s almost like a post-application referral.”

Scouted integrates with Greenhouse ATS and Slack. The company is offering free access to any Greenhouse ATS customers until Dec 31, 2020. Those interested can sign up at

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