How Hrtech can help with Individualized Career pathing

Career pathing plays a key role in the learning and development of employees, where individualization can be seen as having a vital impact on employee experience.

A couple of weeks back, a Microsoft employee gained tremendous popularity by sharing a collage of two pictures of himself. It was a then and now image with the first image being of the time when he joined his company and the second image of now. The salt and pepper hair were enough to display the amount of time he had been with the company. The current workforce that comprises majorly of millennials would probably not stay with a firm for so long. A Gallup survey reveals that more than half of the millennials surveyed i.e. 60% of them stated that they would be open to a different opportunity.

Gone are the days where employees were okay with waiting patiently for years for a promotion that they deserve.

Today’s employees are not looking for a standard set of succession and career pathing. They are not willing to spend too much of their time working with an organization that doesn’t show interest in developing their careers individually and not collectively.

Having the same set of plan for each and every employee is outmoded and unjustified. Every employee is different and their career pathing plan should differ too.

A single HR team cannot suffice for developing a career plan for each and every individual of the company based on their skills and growth speed. So, how can they take a step towards individualized career pathing of their workforce? That’s simple, by joining hands with technology, or more specifically, HR technology.

How can Hrtech help with individualized Career pathing?

Hrtech has been benevolent enough to present us with innovative career pathing tools and solutions.

Let us look at some of the learning and development career pathing solutions.
1. EdCast’s Career Pathing and Internal Mobility Solutions for Talent Retention and Upskilling
EdCast is an award-winning AI-powered Knowledge Cloud company that offers extremely innovative and integrated career pathing and internal mobility solutions for giving organizations the ability to offer customized recommendations and options for career planning and skill development. In order to identify what skills are needed, this solution uses the 360° feedback method. For example, when developing a career plan for a particular employee, feedback will be taken from every person the employee works with, such as the manager and the peers. After evaluating the feedback, areas of upskilling are identified and an optimum learning experience is provided.

2. HRSG’s Competency Core Career Path Navigation – competency-based assessments
HRSG is a world leader in the arena of competency-based talent management and offers a high-end career pathing software that is meant to foster increased employee development as well as empower firms in retaining their top talent. It does so by assessing talent on their competency and offering programs for development by allowing visual navigation of their career plans to ensure talent loyalty.

Assessing the skills and finding the suitable fillers for gaps play a huge role in delivering individualized career pathing plans to the employees.

It is also vital for building the foundation of having open conversations with the employees about their idea of growth and the right pathway to choose.

3. Talentguard’s Career Pathing Software
Talentguard is a predictive development company that transforms talent management with predictive and cognitive cloud software such as its career pathing software. The company allows systematic career pathing and development of employees by providing career progression charting and promoting higher employee engagement. Companies can retain talent by planning for dual career ladders as well as lateral or encore career paths for their employees by simply engaging them via career progression monitoring and growth.

Organizations are now building robust position profiles for certain roles to ensure that the right talent reaches the position in a groomed and well-reformed manner. Following the right succession and career development path can lead to strong leaders in the future landscape of the organization.

Developing and enhancing the career of an individual is a massive responsibility and a standard unit doesn’t justify their journeys. Companies now need to focus on the personalized and incorporative aspect of the career pathing aspect, to be able to gain momentum as well as loyalty from their employees.

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