Top 7 Team Building Games That Promotes Critical Thinking

Workforce collaboration is nothing but strength to achieve great things with united efforts and mutual trust among individuals. Team building games are fun activities that help to break the pattern of a monotonous daily routine.
Some games help in acquiring critical thinking skills, which make individuals productive and increase their output in the workplace. In the same context, educational institutions develop future employees. A sure-shot method to groom the next generation for education is to foster critical thinking. Yes, we know that there’s a lot to learn in terms of curriculum and textbooks, but education is more than that. Other skills that include how to get along with peers and cooperate well with others must be sharpened too. This isn’t something that can be refined through memorization or with strategically placed banners.

Teamwork should be practiced by students and employees to improve social dynamics. Team building exercises are a step in that direction as they permit the students to work together in tandem. This allows them to be better prepared for the situations and eventually encounter in the workplace as well. Let us have a look at some of the team-building games that can help in promoting critical thinking:

1. Egg Drop
This activity is more suitable for older kids who can follow safety guidelines as it can get messy working with raw eggs. This activity aims to find a method to save the egg in a creative collaboration. It could involve finding a soft landing spot or constructing a device that could guide the egg safely to the ground. There’s a lot of space for the creativity of children along with problem-solving abilities to kick in.

2. The Worst-case Scenario
Students are divided into two or more teams and each team is given a problematic scenario, like getting lost in the middle of a sea or being stranded on a deserted island. Then they are asked to work together in their teams to solve the given situation and come out successfully. The kids need to find a solution in which everyone arrives safely out of that worst-case scenario. In this case, children can be asked to think of the items that they must use in such a scenario or consider any other passages that they can find and use. Since kids are required to work together, it caters to developing their problem-solving skills and makes them learn the importance of cooperation in teams.

3. Zoom
Zoom is an exciting game used in the classroom to foster cooperation in the workplace. The team sits or stands in a circle, and each team is given a unique picture of an animal, object, or other items. To make it more exciting, the teacher or instructor begins a unique story then the next member continues the story following the picture provided.

4. Dare to be different
There are various real-world situations in which individuals must use out-of-the-box thinking to come up with solutions to common problems. ‘Dare to be different’ encourages children to think outside of the box to solve a problem together.
Introduce a basic concept and then ask the children to come up with an unconventional solution. For example, a group has to eat Burrito without making a mess. This will enhance critical thinking in individuals.

5. It’s a mystery
No one can deny the fact that children love solving mysteries and puzzles. Thus, designing a good mystery game can help them in staying engaged. The instructor gives every child a clue with a number. The mystery-solving begins with children coordinating with each other. They get clues from each successive number and this leads them to the final solution.
We believe that such games promote a fun-filled learning environment that teaches adults the importance of accountability and enhances productivity.

It might take some trial and error to figure out which team-building games are the best fit for your students or employees.

Don’t get discouraged if some games don’t go as well as you expected them to be. Simply keep trying different critical thinking games, observing the ones that are the most effective.

While education technology is a basic and essential part of the 21st-century classroom, teachers must still make sure that students are engaging with each other in meaningful ways. Team building games are a great method of doing this, so they can never go out of style. Taking examples from these childhood games, employees can get better at their productivity and output.

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