Employee Engagement Platform Zylo Celebrates Five Years


The anniversary comes on the heels of a number of milestones including a strategic investment, employee growth, new product features and a commitment to hybrid work

Zylo, the leading enterprise SaaS management platform, today celebrates its fifth anniversary, marking another year of empowering organizations with the resources they need to capitalize on their SaaS investments. Founded in 2016, Indianapolis-based Zylo created the category of SaaS management knowing how vital it would be for future employee engagement and IT effectiveness. Zylo has shown tremendous growth through product innovation, a commitment to strengthening its leadership team, increasing employee headcount and an office expansion to facilitate hybrid work.

The SaaS industry is accelerating and is projected to grow by $99.99 billion throughout the next four years. To keep up with the growth and the complexities it creates, organizations will turn to SaaS management to ensure they are able to properly control their SaaS portfolios. Recognizing Zylo’s vision and the role SaaS management will play in the success of organizations moving forward, Coupa Software welcomed Zylo to its $50 million Coupa Ventures fund this year with the goal of supporting Zylo in their mission to empower organizations during the current SaaS boom.

“Zylo has provided us with invaluable insight into our SaaS licensing and utilization that we may otherwise not have had,” Gordon Atkin, VP of Business Systems and Technology at Talkdesk “It’s been amazing to witness Zylo’s growth first-hand and we are excited to see what more they will accomplish throughout the next five years and beyond.”

Zylo shows no signs of slowing down, managing more than $5B in SaaS spending and plans to increase employee headcount by 50% in 2021. In an effort to expand their executive suite, Zylo recently brought on Ellen Humphrey as Chief People Officer and Ian Runyon as Vice President of Product. To accommodate this employee growth, Zylo will expand its office space this summer. The new 24,269 square foot space which is conveniently located in the historic Gibson Company Building will be used for in-person collaboration, an essential part of Zylo’s commitment to a flexible and effective hybrid work environment.

Zylo has proven to be an instrumental resource for organizations looking to get the most out of their SaaS investments. In addition to receiving a strategic investment from Coupa Ventures, Zylo continues to prioritize innovation through the launch of several product features aimed at helping organizations navigate the SaaS boom, including:

  • The Zylo API allows organizations to add data about even more applications to the Zylo platform and to export data about SaaS applications into other business systems. Additionally, this feature makes it so organizations can optimize license usage across SaaS applications by importing user, license, and activity data from non-integrated applications.
  • License Optimization Insights streamlines SaaS license decision-making, allowing businesses to downgrade underutilized licenses to less expensive or free licenses, or pull back licenses from low or non active users, driving cost-savings and proactive SaaS portfolio management.
  • License Optimization Workflows enables customers to identify and reclaim underutilized licenses and maximize SaaS application investments.

“We created Zylo in 2016 with a clear vision that the future is SaaS management. Five years later, Zylo continues to lead the market and bring forward new products and services to help customers get the most out of their SaaS portfolios,” said Eric Christopher, CEO and co-founder of Zylo. “In the past six months, we have successfully launched three major product innovations, have significantly grown our employee headcount and have received a strategic investment from Coupa Ventures — all of which will enable us to keep innovating and further develop our offerings. We’re also excited to continue to serve as leaders within the Indianapolis market and will expand our office to accommodate both hybrid work and our growing number of employees.”

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