BambooHR Mobile Features Enhance Flexibility for HR and Employees

BambooHR®, the industry’s leading cloud-hosted software provider dedicated to powering the strategic evolution of human resources, today announced new product features designed to enhance the mobile experience for customers. The new BambooHR® mobility features address the needs of its customers and their employees, many of whom are working remotely and rely on increased flexibility to access information.

“As an HR department of one, I often need to provide support while I’m away from my desk and the BambooHR app has been a huge help,” said Darcy Bohman, people ops manager at Womply. “I can easily find employee contact info, approve time off, and reference all of our HR documents. I also find comfort in knowing that, if needed, I can easily access emergency contact info for all of my employees.”

The following mobile improvements are now available:

New Hire Packet
New employees can complete their new hire packet from their mobile phone, creating a more organized and efficient onboarding process. New hire packet emails are now responsively designed, so they’ll display beautifully regardless of device, which creates a better onboarding experience for new employees and keeps onboarding programs organized and efficient.

Document Signature
Users can now sign documents, from new office policies to employee handbook updates, in the BambooHR Mobile app. Getting documents signed can be a lengthy and frustrating process. To alleviate turnaround times for admins and create a more convenient experience for everyone, employees now receive push notifications when signatures are needed, which they can sign and complete from their mobile device.

Company Announcements
Frequent and timely communication is a crucial element in creating an excellent company culture and employee experience. Because not everyone works in front of a computer, BambooHR Mobile users now receive push notifications for important company announcements.

Benefit Details
Making benefits information more accessible to employees is a great way to improve the employee experience. BambooHR Mobile users can now access details about their benefits, including benefit elections, effective coverage dates, employee/employer contributions, and more. Additionally, should they need to find a doctor or ask a question about their 401(k), links within the benefits tab will take them directly to the benefit provider’s website.

“One of the best ways to improve the employee experience is to incorporate user-friendly technology that not only allows you to get the job done but does it in a delightful way,” said Amy Frampton, head of marketing at BambooHR. “It’s no surprise that mobility is more important than ever, and we’re excited to give our customers new tools to roll out within their organizations as they strive to enhance productivity and meet employees where they are.”

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