iCIMS Reveals New, Automated and Video-led Experiences for Candidates and Recruiters


New innovations to the iCIMS Talent Cloud address heightened hiring challenges and evolving labour market needs

As hiring and new job openings continue to rise, this candidate-driven market requires recruiters, HR and business leaders to re-examine how they’re connecting – and re-connecting – to talent. Today, iCIMS, the talent cloud company, revealed its latest product innovations that address the shifts in priorities that are coming with post-pandemic life and the crucial impact of providing positive, easy experiences. The latest updates were designed to provide a more seamless hiring experience and improve candidate engagement with authenticity and automation.

“We are experiencing the ‘Great Resignation’ and ‘Great Reshuffling’ where an overwhelming 95% of workers are considering quitting their job, according to a new survey,” said Chirag Mehta, chief product officer at iCIMS. “With high volumes of people willingly leaving their jobs and relocating, employers must provide better experiences to attract and retain their talent. Our newest innovations deliver on our commitment to empower enterprises across the globe to humanise the talent experience and help recruiters and HR leaders overcome the unique labour market dynamic and today’s evolving workplace challenges.”

Improved experiences for candidates include:

  • Authentic video engagement with the Digital Assistant: In a tight talent market, authentic brands stand out. iCIMS’ Digital Assistant can now respond to candidate questions with employee-generated, contextualised video content created through iCIMS Video Studio. This provides an engaging talent experience and enables talent teams to communicate with candidates seamlessly between text, chat, and video applications.
  • More personalised connections: When joining talent communities, candidates can now easily highlight specialised skills and certifications to ensure they receive more relevant news and job openings.

More simplified experiences for recruiters include:

  • AI-enabled talent matching in candidate relationship management (CRM): Talent matching capabilities are now available in iCIMS CRM, enabling customers to select an ideal candidate from an existing pipeline for a position, and best-match candidates will be automatically identified, based on skills and experience. iCIMS’ intelligent talent matching reduces manual efforts, provides a simpler, faster way for recruiters to deliver best-fit talent to managers, and helps to reduce unconscious bias within the process.
  • Automated email campaigns: iCIMS CRM now helps talent teams schedule emails to be sent at peak engagement hours across various time zones to help the right candidates get updates at the right place and time. This helps recruiters build more relevant, timely and impactful connections with candidates, resulting in better experiences and faster hiring.
  • More candidate insights and simplified video interviewing: Following the introduction of iCIMS Video Interviews, recruiters can now more easily review video interview responses, hiring team feedback and candidate scores in the iCIMS ATS. iCIMS is also reducing manual effort and improving interview consistency by including new interview templates that can be pre-associated to jobs.
  • Better candidate visibility for recruiters: iCIMS now offers expanded visibility into candidates from initial engagement on campaigns through new hire onboarding, within the Dynamic Candidate Profile and application workflow in the iCIMS ATS. These updates give recruiters everything they need in one place, with actionable insight for accelerated hiring, all in a new, modern experience.
  • Expanded support for remote and global hiring: Recruiters can now experience iCIMS ATS in Malay (Malaysia) and Czech (Czechia) to improve their remote hiring across the globe.

iCIMS was recently recognised in a new Gartner report, “Hype Cycle for Human Capital Management Technology” for its technology capabilities to support diversity, equity and inclusion and video recruiting. The report states that “video recruiting solutions improve recruiter and hiring manager productivity as well as better use of the resources involved in the interview process. This often results in shorter time to hire and lower cost per hire. In addition, video may also improve the quality of the hire because visual cues may indicate an unexpected positive or negative issue that wouldn’t be apparent in a phone interview or application submission.”

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