Accresa announced new partnership with Intellect

Collaboration will feature app of self guided programs and behavioral health coaching offerings


Intellect and Accresa are providing employees throughout the United States with greater access to modern mental wellbeing support. The newly formed partnership highlights Intellect’s extensive network of experienced behavioral health coaches and self care programs within a single platform with Accresa’s proven subscription plan management. The result will not only remove barriers to mental healthcare by connecting employees with resources faster but will provide participants with two pillars of self care programs and behavioral health coaches. The announcement marks a partnership that is expected to begin nationwide in February 2024.

“Today marks an incredible milestone as we proudly announce Intellect’s partnership with Ameriflex, a sister company of Accresa and one of the US leading providers of employee benefits. Teaming up with Ameriflex signifies more than just expanding our reach—it’s about bringing our award-winning solution including our self-care app and personalized coaching and counseling sessions to the forefront of the US market,” said Theodoric Chew, CEO of Intellect.

“With more than 100k American consumers already on the app, we are excited to extend accessible mental wellbeing support with Ameriflex as our exclusive distributor. Together, we’re not just changing the landscape of workplace wellness; we’re setting a new standard of care—one that prioritizes mental health as a cornerstone of overall wellbeing. Here’s to a future where every individual, regardless of geography, has access to the support they need to thrive.”

Accresa will serve as the enrollment, eligibility, and payment processing platform for Intellect’s subscription mental wellbeing solutions, which include self-care and skills-building programs and behavioral health coaching. Intellect’s plans will be an option to over 55,000 employer groups across the nation.

“Our passion for streamlining and managing an employee’s patient experience matches perfectly with Intellect’s mission of accessible, effective routes to get the mental wellbeing support employees need,” said Accresa CEO William C. Short. “Employees throughout the United States are benefitting from this collaboration through easier access to mental health resources.”

The comprehensive range of Intellect’s features encompasses telehealth coaching and self-guided cognitive behavioral therapy-based programs. Intellect also conducts live webinars, workshops, and panel discussions to help employees progressively learn and manage their mental wellbeing. With Intellect’s self-care app available in 20 languages and a provider network based in 22 markets, the platform is fully capable of supporting Accresa’s participants across the United States.

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