Culture-Driven Hiring: Personality Pool Launch

Personality screening tool makes it easier than ever for hiring managers to flip their candidate pool and find those hidden gems.

Personality Pool

Personality Pool, a personality screening tool that lets employers screen applicants based on personality traits vital to a role’s success but not always immediately apparent through resumes or generic intake forms, today announced its launch out of beta. Developed with the unique needs of retail, hospitality, entry-level sales, and call center roles in mind—Personality Pool has facilitated over 5,000 applicant entries through its platform and is quickly adding new customers.

Tennessee native and former sales and business development executive Lauren Glass-Mullins co-founded Personality Pool in 2022. The company aims to modernize outdated recruitment methods by empowering employers to connect with candidates on a more personal level so they can hire the right people, faster.

Character-Based Scoring Offers a New Way to Screen Talent

Personality Pool is built on the belief that a resume doesn’t always tell the full story of a person’s capabilities or fit for a job.

“As someone who struggled to get my foot in the door earlier in my career due to lack of experience, I know how discouraging the job hunt can be,” Glass-Mullins explained. “Certain intrinsic qualities like warmth, communication, and emotional intelligence are essential for customer-facing or team-oriented roles. By screening for these traits upfront, we’re helping companies uncover those hidden gems who are often overlooked.”

The video-based platform guides applicants through a series of insightful questions, using AI technology to analyze their responses. Employers receive an insightful personality score and detailed assessment of each candidate’s core characteristics to determine cultural fit. This approach helps to reduce hiring bias and create more opportunities for potential hires who may not tick all the standard resume boxes.

Employers using Personality Pool can quickly screen talent through a series of pre-selected questions, designed by organizational psychologist and Chief Science Officer Dr. Allen Gorman, to ensure fairness and accuracy. This method not only speeds up the hiring process but also enhances it by prioritizing traits that are crucial for roles, particularly in customer service-oriented sectors such as retail and hospitality.

“Many potentially excellent recruits are missed due to conventional hiring processes that fail to capture the essence of an individual,” says Dr. Gorman. “What companies want is the ability to see beyond a resume—to understand who embodies the core values and personality traits that are most likely to thrive and positively impact their workplace culture. Personality Pool bridges this gap by highlighting key areas that are crucial for long-term success and cultural fit within a company.”

Empowering Employers and Job Seekers

Operating as both a tool for employers and a platform for job seekers who feel marginalized by traditional hiring practices, Personality Pool levels the playing field for many applicants, emphasizing the importance of personality—particularly in customer-facing roles where interpersonal skills and attitude are often more indicative of job performance than technical skills alone.

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