A new version designed for Work.com, to help businesses in response to COVID-19 outbreak


A new version of Work.com is designed as announced by Salesforce. This new version will help communities and businesses to be able to function safely during the global outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus. Hrtech news all over, in recent times, has solutions featured to help organizations and their employees combat the challenges imposed by COVID-19 pandemic. Now, hrtech companies are shifting their focus on Employee Wellness and making them ready to return to work, as there are expectations of the lifting of lockdown.

The new version of Work.com has including features like:
Work.com Command Center, which is a hub that provides a 360-degree view of the readiness of return to work across several employees, visitors, and locations. It provides users the capability of creating and disseminating the employee communications scalability, and also surface the public data via Tableau COVID-19 data hub of Salesforce. The MuleSoft integration platform of Salesforce can also integrate additional sources of data and Tableau for more customized data visualizations.
Employee Wellness, for creating health surveys, monitoring wellness trends, and using data to make more informed decisions with regards to the return to work.
myTrailhead for employees, which delivers learning, training, and wellness programs content.
Emergency Response Management
Shift Management
Contact Tracing
Volunteer and Grants Management

The new work.com center will also give users access to advice from experts and expert commentary.

Salesforce spokesperson Joel Steinfeld stated that this is a completely new initiative that uses an existing domain which the company previously owned. The solutions within Work.com are new and are built in the field in bespoke ways for the clients of the company, to help address the pandemic and reopen safely.

To know more about such products and solutions that are helping companies become ready to resume work, follow the hrtech cube. Hrtech cube delivers regular updates from in and around the hrtech industry across the globe.


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