Visier announced the launch of new capabilities


Announced at this week’s Outsmart conference under the banner of “Open for Builders,” Visier extends its platform for more flexibility and autonomy in delivering analytic, reporting and generative AI solutions

Visier, the globally recognized leader in people analytics and workforce solutions for people-powered business, announced today at Outsmart, the company’s annual customer conference held this week in Scottsdale, AZ, “Open for Builders.” This initiative is a companywide strategic investment in analytic platform capabilities, community and educational resources designed to help technical and product innovators unleash the power of people data to solve their most pressing business challenges.

Visier’s Open for Builders provides more technical users everything they need to build custom people analytics and embedded solutions that combine the scalability and security of a purpose-built people analytics platform with the control, customization and extensibility normally only associated with custom build projects.

“Historically, analytic software packages have either been an out-of-the box solution, or a blank slate platform that requires a complete build,” said Keith Bigelow, chief product officer, Visier. “But we think our users need both the time-to-value of a packaged application, with the flexibility and autonomy to customize their experience to answer the critical and unique questions their organizations are asking. We’re giving them the best of both worlds with these capabilities.”

Visier’s Open for Builders initiative provides people and data analytics teams with both a suite of data integration, analytics modeling and pre-built components that make building faster, with less overhead, and easier to manage while supporting unlimited customization and flexibility.

“Data scientists at market leading companies are answering long tail questions about the impact of people on their business, and an open platform makes this effortless,” said Bigelow.

Visier customers and partners are now able to build custom analytic solutions that blend people data with any other HR or business data to answer strategic questions about the impact people have on their organizations.

“The opportunities are endless. Leaders want insights at the intersection of people and business data. We are just making it easier and faster to deliver those insights, and allowing customers to solve their unique challenges in powerful ways,” said Paul Rubenstein, chief customer officer, Visier. “For example, a Visier customer in the luxury retail space integrated people data with point of sale (POS) data to tell a more complete story about how specific people impact revenue in stores, which informs how they staff, train and manage people.”

These new capabilities allow analytics teams to more quickly and effectively adapt to the change and speed of their organizations. “Having total control of the business intelligence lifecycle is so powerful!” said Neal Meister, director of people data solutions at eBay, “I love the instant gratification of implementing a solution only minutes after the idea.”

Open for Builders includes new investments in product capabilities and self service resources to help developers and other technical stakeholders on their own self-directed journey. These include:

  •, a unified destination for builders which includes developer documentation, access to tutorials, a Github code sample library, and more.
  • A web application layer for third parties to build stand alone applications on top of Visier’s platform. This code base, available in Github, can be deployed on a private server or on the web
  • A free trial in a secure sandbox environment with full access to Visier documentation, an online community, and email support. Access the free trial at
  • Free access to specialized courses on Visier University to help anyone get started on creating an analytic application.
  • The new Developer Community with spaces to collaborate, ask questions and connect with Visier subject matter experts.

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