XcelHR offers Performance Management services

HRTech leader XcelHR has expanded its business portfolio to offer Performance Management services

HRTech Company
HRTech Company

HRTech Company, XcelHR has expanded its business portfolio to offer Performance Management services. XcelHR realized that small companies are not well-equipped to build strong performance management programs for their employees, after surveying its market niche. They lack the tools needed to capture data in real-time and are forced to make vital decisions utilizing poor metrics.

Performance Management program of XcelHR aligns employee performance and works ethic with organizational values and objectives. It facilitates performance review processes and improves the line of communication between management and front-line employees. It operates in XcelHR’s HRIS platform Connect, a PrismHR product, that incorporates all the performance reviews feedback in one place, accessible by all the units of an organization. With this system, there is greater data transparency and communication over all levels of the organization.

Presently clients can quickly recognize training requirements, increase employee engagement, reduce turnover, support workforce planning, promote top-performing employees and allow greater employee autonomy. “Our module streamlines the process for designing and implementing performance programs that develop and retain top-performing employees” said VP of Human Resources, Todd Knecht.

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