Workforce Science Associates (WSA) today launched a new array of assessments that will help organizations better select and develop leaders in addition to other key roles and measure an applicant’s alignment with the company culture.

Frontline managers are vital to the success of companies. WSAdata reveals that employee motivation, commitment, and conscientiousness is directly tied to the front-line manager’s ability to foster an environment of two-way communication, recognition, and growth and development. WSA assessments help organizations address gaps in their bench strength and provide individualized development plans to enhance the areas that are proven to drive higher employee engagement.

“Insights provided by the WSA leadership assessments make sure managers address the root cause of lower engagement and manager effectiveness scores rather than just merely treating the symptoms,” said Lisa Wager, executive consultant of WSA. “In addition, our new assessments along with our consulting services provide a targeted and scientifically proven approach to high-performance leadership.”

A culture assessment is also a part of the WSA suite and helps identify candidates, if hired, feel a greater sense of belonging, be more motivated, be more committed, and will stay longer. By identifying a candidate’s values and comparing them with the overarching company values, WSA can predict an employee’s likelihood of engagement and long-term retention.

“This is powerful because employers are able to recruit and hire candidates from diverse backgrounds and skillsets while building a cohesive, high-performing workforce,” said Kris Erickson, co-founder of WSA.

While selection and development instruments are common in most industries, WSA assessments are unique. Differentiators include:

  • WSA’s experience. In designing effective assessments, experience goes back decades and is led by Dr. Jeff Weekley, one of the industry’s foremost experts who has worked with many of the world’s largest employers, designing assessments that have been administered to hundreds of millions of candidates around the world.
  • WSA’s methodology. It provides a short, fake-resistant assessment that delivers accurate results.
  • WSA’s validation. WSA assessments are aligned to its validated engagement model, which has been developed through research over the past 40 years.

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