Managers Are Recognizing More Employees:KangoGift


The days of leaders only rewarding who they deem top performers or those who went above and beyond has changed according to research KangoGift, an HR company focused on employee engagement.

A study conducted by KangoGift of more than 23,000 recognition moments over the past two years across global organizations found that managers are now recognizing more than 50% of their team members on a regular basis. This is a sharp increase from pre-pandemic times when managers were only recognizing 44% of their direct reports on a regular basis.

“One benefit of managers facing quickly changing workplaces is that they are now thinking more strategically about when it makes sense to give positive feedback to their team members,” said Todd Horton, CEO of KangoGift. “Managers now consider the impact the employees are having on their personal development, company values, and business goals. They must also consider the challenges they are overcoming to get a task met.”

The data shows also shows:

  • The average monetary value of spot-awards rose from $62 USD in 2020 to $82.45 in 2022
  • The three most common words used in recognitions in 2020 were thanks, help and effort and in 2022 success, thanks and year
  • Employees receive between 6 – 9 recognition moments each year at organizations with strong communication cultures

“All managers are different and this data represents managers at all levels of global organizations,” Horton adds. “Human Resources leaders can use these metrics as a starting point when educating managers on the value of frequent feedback on multiple aspects of how the employee is contributing. Inclusive management strategies are working.”

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