WorkLLama announced its partnership with Jobs for Humanity

The partnership allows organizations access to a massive talent network and a seamless way to meet DE&I goals


WorkLLama, technology provider of a single, AI-driven talent marketing, relationship management, engagement, and direct sourcing suite, announced today its partnership with Jobs for Humanity, an organization that connects historically underrepresented talent to roles globally. This strategic partnership is set to revolutionize the talent acquisition landscape by offering global enterprises unmatched access to rich, diverse talent communities that remains largely untapped.

Jobs for Humanity champions the cause of connecting historically marginalized talent groups, including blind/low vision, the neurodivergent, people of color, single mothers, refugees, and others with welcoming, global employers. Jobs for Humanity provides diversity training, inclusive employer branding, volunteer opportunities, and more to welcoming employers looking to attract the 3 out of 4 job seekers who prefer to work for a diverse company.

The collaboration’s strength lies in its seamless integration. Now, roles can be instantaneously dispatched to Jobs for Humanity’s robust talent network of over 250,000 job seekers. In return, potential candidates can effortlessly submit their qualifications, ensuring an accessible and inclusive application experience.

“With WorkLLama, organizations now have unlimited access to our diverse talent pool automatically, giving them an immediate new talent channel aligned with their DE&I goals,” said Roy Baladi, Founder, Jobs for Humanity. “Our network is a massive, untapped source of high-quality talent that is experienced and motivated. Thanks to WorkLLama, we can increase their chance of being contacted by welcoming employers.”

Both organizations offer others an ever-evolving and growing diverse database that supports the mission to build inclusive workplaces and support a skills-first hiring strategy.

“DE&I is one of the core values that drives our business and enables our customers to do the same,” said Kevin Poll, WorkLLama’s SVP Strategy and Business Development. “Since our inception, our mission has been helping underrepresented communities gain access to meaningful work. This partnership allows us to do so in an automated way, allowing prospective workers access to jobs they may not have otherwise had.”

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