Veritas Prime unveils its new identity as Veritas Prime Americas

Veritas Prime

Veritas Prime, a leading provider of comprehensive HR tech enabled solutions, proudly unveils its new identity as Veritas Prime Americas, marking the strategic alignment of its US and LATAM branches to deliver unparalleled payroll services and maximize operational efficiencies across the regions.

This transformative consolidation comes in response to the increasing demand for seamless HR solutions throughout the Americas. By merging the strengths of Veritas Prime US and Veritas Prime LATAM, the newly formed Veritas Prime Americas aims to streamline processes, leverage combined expertise, and elevate client experiences to new heights.

“We are excited to introduce Veritas Prime Americas,” said Wilson Naranjo, Chief Payroll Officer at Veritas Prime. “This rebranding signifies a pivotal moment in our quest to provide top-notch payroll services and optimize operational excellence for our clients across the Americas.”

Key highlights of Veritas Prime Americas include:

1. **Enhanced Operational Efficiencies**: Through the consolidation of resources and expertise, Veritas Prime Americas is poised to streamline processes, eliminate redundancies, and enhance overall operational efficiencies. This integration enables a more agile and responsive approach to client needs, ensuring timely and accurate payroll services.

2. **Scalability**: With a unified approach, Veritas Prime Americas stands as a scalable solution provider capable of expanding payroll services to meet the evolving needs of clients across diverse industries and geographies. Whether serving mid market businesses or multinational large enterprise corporations, Veritas Prime Americas is committed to delivering tailored solutions with precision and scalability.

3. **Unified Expertise**: The alignment of Veritas Prime US and Veritas Prime LATAM brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience in HR and payroll management under the Veritas Prime Americas banner. Clients can now benefit from a unified team of experts who understand the nuances of local regulations and global best practices, ensuring compliance and accuracy in every aspect of payroll processing.

4. **Client-Centric Approach**: Above all, Veritas Prime Americas remains dedicated to putting clients first. By leveraging synergies and optimizing resources, the company can better anticipate and address client needs, providing personalized support and unparalleled service excellence.

“We believe that as Veritas Prime Americas, we are better positioned to elevate our capabilities and serve our clients with agility, accuracy, and innovation,” added Co-Founder & CEO Mike Pappis.

With this strategic alignment and rebranding, Veritas Prime Americas reaffirms its commitment to being the trusted partner for businesses seeking comprehensive HR solutions and best-in-class payroll services throughout the Americas.

As of today, in addition to the Americas, Veritas Prime has offices in the UK, Malaysia and India which are also rapidly expanding to meet the growing demand, particularly in the mid market segment, emphasizing CORE HR and payroll tech-enabled services.

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