Countable: A New Engagement Platform Released in Canada


Introducing the new release of Countable, an online platform for small to mid-sized accounting firms to help streamline their practice. Countable combines engagement management and document storage in one centralized and integrated hub. Countable uses automation to take the menial tasks out of engagement work, and allows teams and clients to collaborate, communicate and offer feedback in real time.

Countable was built out of an urgent need for better, more nimble technology to help accountants keep up with the future. CPA, Atin Gupta came up with the idea for Countable when he was working as a partner at a firm in Toronto, Canada. Gupta teamed up with technologist Jesse Capon to turn this idea into a reality. According to Capon, “We have an exciting opportunity to transform the way we work and help our clients. We want to make it easier to adapt to the changing landscape in a way that’s more meaningful for the accounting industry.”

Countable was built as a platform rather than a software, to enable accounting firms to quickly add new integrations as the need arises.

As more companies rethink the standard office culture, the need for remote workspaces and platforms is pressing. Through Countable, any team member can access the platform from anywhere in the world. “We wanted to rethink the workflow. Rather than completing a job on Excel and sending it off to the next person, you have one central hub where your team and your client can collaborate.” Accounting teams can make comments on specific documents, flag potential issues, track progress in real time and sign off. Clients will have their own dedicated dashboard to manage tasks like keeping track of document requests, making comments and uploading documents. “Firms can get responses quicker and keep clients updated in real time so that everyone’s time is being used most efficiently.”

Gupta recognized that processes in place at accounting firms could be inefficient. “We wanted to give accountants back their time. As accountants, we tend to focus a lot of our time on compliance which could be spent building relationships with clients or helping improve employee efficiency.” Even tasks like sending reminder emails to clients for missing documents, writing letter templates, or even manual data entry and other tasks can be automated into one simple, integrated system. “Through Countable, we’re helping to simplify the accounting processes so that each task is completed in the same way quickly and consistently.”

Countable aligns with processes that accountants are already accustomed to. Countable’s automation platform syncs with clients’ bookkeeping such as Xero and Intuit Quickbooks. The second a user imports the trial balance, Countable maps it out, populates all relevant lead sheets and prepares draft financial statements. All fields and charts get automatically filled and placed in sequence. “For a simple engagement, all you have to do is add relevant supporting work papers and sign off. That’s it.”

The platform also boasts a simple 4-step onboarding process. Firms don’t need to hire dedicated specialists or invest in training sessions to ensure employees can complete an engagement. “The platform is easy to learn and use. Training videos and unlimited support is included at no cost,” explains Gupta.

Gupta sums up Countable’s vision, “We want accountants to be open to evolving with us. As new changes emerge in the industry, it’s important that our technology can adapt with us.”

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