Use Hrtech to enhance employee engagement on Friday

Employee engagement and Fridays are the most synonymous terms that go hand in hand. Or shall we say Fridays and Employee Burnout?

Employee engagement

Fun office events have always been considered the best way to trigger employee engagement. Though they are a great way of engaging your employees with the rest of the team and the organization, they are not the only way of doing so. With advancements in hrtech, today there are a number of fun Friday ideas for work that can be used to drive engagement. Statistics by Flow show that on Fridays 35% fewer tasks are completed. A reason for which could be decreased employee engagement. Employee engagement activities are a great way of ensuring that the employees are connected to their workplace as well as their work. Not only does it increase their productivity, but also showcases an increase in the retention rate. Fridays especially witness certain disengagement, as it is the end of the week and the employees carry around the burnout of an entire week. Friday employee engagement certainly has to be quite significant as it lays the foundation of the coming week.

Let us look at some of the fun Friday ideas backed by hrtech.

1) Workplace Collaboration Session 

Workplace Collaboration hands down has to be the most interactive fun Friday idea. But now, do it with a twist. Instead of having the routine collaborative session, have one in a virtual environment with a variety of dynamic digital tools that not only enhance the process, but also make it one more comfortable while magnifying the gravity on employee engagement. The world has already moved to digital platforms, so leverage the technology and identify the solutions that your employees enjoy the most to create a relaxing, yet synergetic ecosystem. 

2) Gamified E-Learnings 

Learning and Training are a crucial part of employee engagement. But who likes to study and learn, that too on a Friday? Practically nobody. Well, you can turn that around with a little help from gamification. Today, there is a wide range of gamified learning modules available in the market that can simulate pleasure as well as training and education. Your employees won’t have to go through pages of study material, they can rather play games and refine themselves.

3) Scheduling and Time Management Tools 

 Fridays are typically the days when everybody feels like finishing off their work on time or if possible, before time. So, in the spirit of the weekend, employees tend to follow the schedules and wrap up as soon as possible. Scheduling and time management tools, in general are pretty helpful. These tools ensure that the workforce doesn’t have to stay back after work and is utilizing the time to its maximum utility. Employees also realize their capabilities and optimize their work to finish in time with the help of these tools.

4) Performance Metrics for Recognition 

Who doesn’t like to be recognized and appreciated for their work? Fridays can prove to be great days for analyzing the performance metrics of the employees and recognizing them for their work and efforts. Analytics will give you accurate results that are completely credible to reward and appreciate the performance of employees and teams in their area of work.

5) AI for Employee Happiness 

 AI, NLP, and ML are transforming the face of industries in several aspects positively. Harness solutions backed by these technologies for identifying the satisfaction levels and happiness parameters for your employees. If you can figure out the emotions of your employees and the reason behind those, you can chalk out fun Friday ideas in accordance with the activities that work best for them.

Hr and employee engagement go hand in hand, but hrtech and employee engagement will prove to be inseparable. Upgrade your organization as technology advances, and the results won’t fail to impress you.

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