Theatro Voted #1 Vendor for connecting employees to resources platform

Retailers rank Theatro in the top 10 across 14 categories in RIS Software LeaderBoard 2021


Theatro, pioneers of the world’s first voice-controlled mobile platform connecting employees to resources across their enterprise, today announced that it has been named a Leader in 14 categories in RIS News’ 2021 Software LeaderBoard, with two Number 1 rankings for Technology Innovation in Customer Satisfaction and Technology Innovation by Tier One Retailers.

The RIS News Software LeaderBoard is an annual report ranking the “best of the best” in retail technology, based on votes from over 300 retailers who use the solutions. The Software LeaderBoard rankings, conducted by an independent third-party research firm, are a valuable resource for organizations that plan to implement new technology. Retailers can use the report as a guide – comparing their list of prospective software providers to the companies ranking highest in each category.

Theatro is honored to be recognized in the following software categories:

  • #1 Technology Innovation
  • #1 Technology Innovation by Tier One Retailers
  • #3 Software Reliability
  • #3 Ease of Administration & Maintenance
  • #3 Software Reliability by Tier One Retailers
  • #3 Ease of Administration & Maintenance by Tier One Retailers
  • #4 Ease of Installation & Integration by Tier One Retailers
  • #4 Customer Satisfaction by Tier One Retailers
  • #5 Ease of Administration
  • #5 Ease of Installation & Integration
  • #6 Recommendation by Tier One Retailers
  • #6 Quality of Support by Tier One Retailers
  • #7 Overall Performance
  • #10 Targeted Solution Vendor

The 20th anniversary edition of the RIS Software LeaderBoard represents a milestone for a unique report that objectively tracks the top technology vendors in the retail industry. This year’s research report represents a long record of principled consistency, which produces head-to-head rankings that retailers can rely on when choosing to invest in retail-specific software.

“Special kudos are in order for Theatro, which came out on top by a wide margin in the important Criterion of Technology Innovation,” said Joe Skorupa, consultant & strategic advisor, editor at large, RIS News. “Theatro won this criterion by posting a perfect 5.0, a rare feat only achieved by two vendors in the 2021 Leaderboard.”

“Our inclusion in this year’s RIS Software LeaderBoard is evidence of our nonstop commitment to breaking down barriers and digitally connecting retail employees with our Intelligent Voice Assistant,” said Chris Todd, president and CEO, Theatro. “This year especially, retailers had to rapidly innovative with their in-store processes to ensure both customer and employee safety. We’re proud to be at the forefront of providing retail frontline employees with the solutions needed to be successful.”

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