SwipeClock Launches Touchless Timeclock For Employee Safety

SwipeClock Vision™ will integrate with company's highly anticipated and affordable WorkforceHUB solution for SMBs that automates HR processes to save time and protect against compliance penalties


SwipeClock LLC, a leading provider of unified and connected human resource management (HRM) solutions, today launched SwipeClock Vision. The new touchless timeclock seamlessly combines the best features of biometric security with the non-contact operational speed and ease of facial recognition to keep employees safe and secure during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. The company also announced that the SwipeClock Vision timeclock will integrate with SwipeClock WorkforceHUB™—a fully-integrated, comprehensive SaaS solution that automates HR processes for SMBs to save time and protect against compliance penalties.

“Because employee safety is paramount, businesses need a touchless timeclock that is easy to use and provides the security and reliability of biometric authentication for clocking employees in and out,” said Coleman Barney, CEO of SwipeClock. “SwipeClock Vision with facial detection has raised the bar on workplace hygiene by offering touchless operation that’s faster than any other method. With SwipeClock Vision, companies will be able to keep their workforces safe without losing the reliability of previous clocks.”

SwipeClock Vision
SwipeClock Vision combines the best features of biometric security with the non-contact operational speed and ease of facial recognition to speed the process of punching in and out. And because of the unmatched security of biometric facial detection for employee authentication, there is no opportunity for buddy punching or time theft.

SwipeClock Vision incorporates the latest time and attendance technology of WorkforceHUB, ensuring accuracy and integration with other HR functions dependent on employee time and attendance data. In addition, SwipeClock Vision’s facial recognition technology works while employees are wearing masks by relying on exposed facial features like eyes and parts of the nose to identify and correlate users with employees in the system.

Integration with WorkforceHUB
Importantly, SwipeClock Vision will be integrated with WorkforceHUB, an end-to-end, scalable HR experience for companies that want to automate daily HR processes. WorkforceHUB combines SwipeClock’s industry-leading time & attendance, scheduling, and much more into a tailored, unified, and comprehensive SaaS solution offered at a very affordable monthly price per employee.

With WorkforceHUB, overworked owners, managers, and supervisors will have more time to focus on growing their businesses, rather than doing time-consuming, tedious HR tasks. WorkforceHUB also protects companies from compliance penalties by automating these error-prone manual processes.

“For the first time, SMBs, that make up the vast majority of companies across the U.S. and Canada, will have affordable access to the automated HR functionality that larger enterprises have benefitted from for years,” said Barney. “WorkforceHUB is specifically designed for companies that want to save money while prioritizing function over form.”

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