The DFINITY Foundation, a major contributor to the Internet Computer blockchain, today announced a partnership with Pluxee, a digital-first employee benefits and engagement platform, and Yumi, a leading digital marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), to launch Pluxee’s first-ever NFT collection as part of the Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services (BRS) brand launch.

The collection, titled The X Collection, is the latest initiative as Sodexo BRS becomes Pluxee ahead of its proposed spin-off and listing in 2024. The NFT collection features 5,000 digital collectibles representing visual elements from the 31 countries where the company currently operates and is a key element in Pluxee’s digital-first commitment to its employees and belief in cutting-edge technology. The NFT collection marks a new use case for NFTs as tools to increase employee engagement and enrich company culture.

The collection is open to all employees across Pluxee and employees can trade the digital collectibles amongst their peers. For every NFT from the X Collection that is claimed, Pluxee will donate money to Stop Hunger, Sodexo’s unique philanthropic cause empowering women and young generations to effectively and sustainably eradicate hunger in communities most in need.

Suvodeep Das, Global VP Multi-benefits & Gift, commented on the news, “Pluxee is digital-first and committed to remaining at the forefront of technological advances such as blockchain and NFTs. DFINITY and Yumi provided the support to access this new technology quickly, and efficiently, delivering great employee experience with minimal impact on the environment and remaining true to the Pluxee brand.”

The X-Collection is an exclusive Pluxee collection and is part of Yumi’s growing NFT as a Service (NFTaaS) offering. The NFTs are hosted on the Internet Computer blockchain, a fully decentralized, third-generation blockchain and crypto cloud infrastructure. NFTs on the Internet Computer are hosted fully on-chain with no external storage solutions like Amazon Web Services. Pluxee is the first employee benefits company to use the Internet Computer blockchain and aligns with Pluxee’s digital-native mindset. Pluxee chose to partner with DFINITY and use the Internet Computer blockchain because it is one of the most energy-efficient blockchains and is committed to sustainability, as demonstrated by the Proof of Green initiative which aims to bring transparency to carbon reporting in blockchain.

Yumi NFT Marketplace head of growth, Melissa Song, commented on the news, “We are honored to collaborate with Pluxee on their inaugural NFT collection launch. Our mission at Yumi NFT Marketplace is to empower artists and provide a platform for meaningful connections. Through this partnership, we are excited to help Pluxee deepen their relationships with their employees using the power of NFTs and blockchain technology.”

Dominic Williams, Founder and Chief Scientist at the DFINITY Foundation, added, “The X Collection marks a milestone not only for Pluxee but for the blockchain industry as traditional enterprises continue to embrace web3 technology. DFINITY is proud to partner with the visionaries that are leveraging the Internet Computer to advance the web3 space. We commend Pluxee for this forward-thinking partnership and look forward to other companies following their example.”

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