Introducing the Future of Data in AEC: Zweig Insights

This new platform provides AEC firms with data visualization and customized intel.


Zweig Group is excited to introduce an all new interactive data platform: Zweig Insights. This new platform provides AEC firms with data visualization and customized intel, including benchmarking against both comparable firms and industry-wide data.

The pilot program for this new platform is Zweig Group’s Best Firms To Work For Awards – an awards program that ranks firms based on their corporate policies, procedures, and benefits, and the results of a comprehensive, firm-wide employee survey. Last year’s program provided insight from over 15,000 employees at AEC firms of all markets, sizes, and geographic locations in the U.S.

This new platform will aid participating firms in their ability to survey their employees on dozens of topics related to culture, compensation, benefits, recruiting and retention, professional development, and performance management/recognization, and then view and benchmark the results.

In today’s current business environment, these are exactly the insights you need to make the most important management decisions for your organization!

Future iterations of this new platform will include insights into AEC operating expenses, financial performance, and more!

Click here to learn more about this new platform.

This product was developed with Lofty. Lofty partners with disruptive organizations to create data-rich software products.

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