SmartTask Launches First Cloud-Based, Electronic Daily Occurrence Book Solution

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SmartTask, the provider of employee scheduling and mobile workforce management software, has launched the first cloud-based, electronic alternative to traditional, paper-based Daily Occurrence Book (DOB). Working closely with a number of security service providers, SmartTask has introduced the Daily Occurrence Log (DOL) module, which can be quickly and efficiently operated from a PC, smartphone or tablet hrtech news.

With most manned providers still using a paper-based solution, we have been increasing been asked to extend the functionality of the software to include an electronic Daily Occurrence Book,” explains Paul Ridden, CEO of SmartTask.

“DOL makes it straightforward to generate reports for customers, while incidents can be escalated to a control room”

We are using the latest cloud-based technology to bring the DOB into the 21st century, while also removing the cost of providing, distributing and archiving paper-based logs.

Entering Data Via Keypad Or Voice-To-Text
Creating an entry to the new DOL module is easy using either the keypad or for those less comfortable with keying in data, voice-to-text allows someone to speak into their SmartTask-enabled device and have it electronically transcribed. Entries can then be consolidated across multiple sites and collated into a range of types – from high priority incidents to notable events and low priority information – as well as divided into user-defined sub-categories hrtech.

DOL makes it straightforward to generate reports for customers, while incidents can be escalated to a control room or management team with an automated alert. Not only that, pictures can be attached to entries directly from the camera of a smartphone or tablet, so image-based supporting evidence can be added to create a complete record of what has happened.

Powerful Tool For Communication
“SmartTask is an advanced and simple-to-use employee scheduling and mobile workforce management solution”

“Our DOL module provides a cost-effective replacement to the traditional paper DOB logbook, with the many advantages provided by being part of a cloud-based workforce management solution. In fact, when used in conjunction with the complete workforce management suite, it delivers a powerful tool for communicating between your control room or the office and your teams in the field,” concludes Ridden.

SmartTask is an advanced and simple-to-use employee scheduling and mobile workforce management solution that enables security companies to better plan and manage their workers, so they are at the right place, at the right time.

The cloud-based software solution combines intelligent rostering, patrol monitoring and integrated proof of attendance across both static and mobile teams, making it the ideal tool to improve operational control, enhance customer satisfaction, and support duty of care to staff.


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