Sense announces a strategic partnership with Asymbl, Inc.

The strategic partnership will enhance user experience and streamline operations within Salesforce Customer 360 for Sense and Asymbl customers


Sense, the leading provider of AI-driven talent engagement and communication solutions for enterprise recruiting, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Asymbl, Inc., the native recruiting workflow solution designed to unlock the full potential of Salesforce’s Customer 360 products, services, platform, and partners. This collaboration will deliver exceptional value to their mutual customers by optimizing their Salesforce operations and driving better candidate engagement.

Sense, renowned for its comprehensive talent engagement and recruitment automation platform encompassing mass texting capabilities and interview scheduling, will leverage Asymbl’s unrivaled Salesforce expertise and seamless integration with Salesforce Customer 360 within the Asymbl ATS platform. The integration will bring immense value to customers who will now have the capabilities of Sense embedded within their Salesforce-driven ATS. By having these tools available in one robust ecosystem, hiring organizations will experience improved efficiency, streamlined recruiter operations, and increased revenue.

Anil Dharni, co-founder and CEO of Sense, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Asymbl brings invaluable contributions to the market through tailored Salesforce workflows and expertise. We’re thrilled to align Sense with a company that elevates ATS capabilities, enhances agility, and optimizes user experiences while providing our customers with a powerful integration that they’ll benefit tremendously from.”

Brandon Metcalf, founder and CEO of Asymbl, also expressed excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing, “Given the innovation of their platform, we are delighted to partner with Sense, a market leader in AI recruitment software. We look forward to helping customers maximize their ROI by integrating these powerful platforms and the excellent service that will be offered to the marketplace.”

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