SalesMail® App Expands to the Recruiting and Direct Sales Industries

Smartphone app provides branded video messaging for outreach and relationship-building efforts

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DAPHNE, Ala. SalesMail, a video-based smartphone app, recently expanded into the recruiting and direct sales industries after being exclusively available in the senior living and home care markets. Developed and sold by HeartLegacy, LLC, SalesMail lets users send branded, one-to-one video messages to recipients for a variety of business needs.

Packed with functionality for recruiters and sales professionals, SalesMail delivers a face-first approach to making personal connections and building strong relationships. SalesMail helps professionals diversify their communication methods and seamlessly incorporate video into their daily routines.

Users can send SalesMail messages via email and text message, or utilize integrations with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Slack. For a high degree of personalization, each SalesMail message automatically integrates the user’s branding, logo, and contact information.

Animated message previews improve open rates and clickthroughs; real-time reporting and geo-tracking show users when and where their messages are viewed; and dashboard analytics help users understand the best days and times to send messages.

Additional benefits of SalesMail include:

  • Differentiation from competitors
  • Instant trust-building
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Better conversion rates
  • Brand reinforcement

“SalesMail has been a huge win for our customers. Users are seeing better and faster results in their sales processes, recruiting efforts, and internal communication strategies. We are thrilled to expand SalesMail and make it available to a wider scope of business professionals,” says Walt Armentrout, HeartLegacy CEO and Founder.

SalesMail is available for both iPhone and Android devices. Watch an explainer video, view sample messages, and learn more at

See SalesMail in action at the ERE Recruiting Conference, October 15th – 16th in Washington, D.C.

About SalesMail
SalesMail is developed, marketed, and sold by HeartLegacy, LLC, a technology company specializing in video applications for businesses in senior care, recruiting, technology, and various vertical markets. Learn more and request information at


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