Robin Brings the Power of AI to the Hybrid Workplace

Robin becomes the first hybrid workplace experience platform to launch AI capabilities to streamline manual hybrid workflows with a commitment to more


As companies and employees navigate the new normal of hybrid work, people expect seamless, automated experiences that help them navigate the workplace and connect with people they care about. Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation help solve these problems by deeply understanding employees’ preferences to automatically plan their office experience and make sure they have the resources they need. Robin, the leading hybrid workplace company, today announced the rollout of new AI-powered functionality that takes the work out of scheduling in-office visits, being the first solution to fully automate the end-to-end booking experience focused on optimizing space utilization, fostering employee connections, and ensuring people have the space to do their best work.

“We are at an inflection point in hybrid work. Over 60 percent of workers say they prefer a hybrid arrangement, but far fewer agree on how it should be structured. The meaning of the office has changed since 2020, and new workplaces are intentionally designed for better collaboration and group connection,” Micah Remley, CEO, Robin, said. “AI offers a great opportunity for employers to ensure they are delivering their employees the best possible experience while navigating this new territory.”

Robin’s AI-powered automated experiences include:

● Automated Check-in. Combining usage data with location-based parameters such as sensor and network data, Robin can now automatically check employees into the office, giving employees access to location-specific resources and workplace manager accurate usage and occupancy data.

● Automated Desk Booking. Building on the suggested desk feature, Robin will automatically book desks for employees when they visit the office based on factors such as proximity to their favorite people, preferred desks, people they are meeting with, and the ideal meeting space to maximize productivity and collaboration at work.

● Automated Space Booking. When an employee comes to the office, Robin will automatically find and book the ideal rooms for their meetings based on attendance, amenities, and learning from past preferences. Soon, Robin will also add rooms for meetings that happen across multiple locales.

● Automated Workplace Insights. AI analyzes a broad set of data and surfaces automatic insights to help employers optimize their space for better collaboration.

“AI has changed the way people interact with software forever. Robin is committed to meaningful AI and automation innovation that betters the employee experience and helps employers make better decisions. Better collaboration, improved connection, and automation of tasks throughout the work day means happier, more productive, and more engaged employees,” Ciara Peter, Vice President of Product at Robin, said.

Robin has over 2,000 customers, ranging from small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) to enterprises with over 100,000 employees. With more than one million users, the Robin platform has managed over 50 million desk bookings and hundreds of millions of meeting room bookings.

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