Avature Takes Home Four Golds in the 2022 Brandon Hall Awards


We are excited to announce that Avature, a leading enterprise SaaS platform for recruiting and talent management, has won five coveted Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards, building on its multi-award success from the 2020 and 2021 editions.

Competing in highly contested HR technology categories, Avature secured four gold awards and a bronze thanks to a combination of innovative features, unique differentiators such as platform configurability and compelling customer success stories.

For its first gold, Avature’s AI was recognized under the Best Advance in AI for Business Impact category. The Avature-native technology grants users complete visibility of the system’s inner workings and helps them understand the data the algorithm uses and how suggestions are made. Operating at a cross-platform level, Avature’s AI-powered features and functionality are chosen by innovative organizations like L’Oréal and Deutsche Telekom.

For Avature’s second gold, Avature Onboard was recognized under the Best Advance in Onboarding Technology category. The solution streamlines and automates the onboarding process, all while enabling a personalized and high-touch social experience. Global leaders like Cisco and Epic choose Avature Onboard to heighten their new hires’ engagement before day one as an extension of their positive candidate experience.

Avature’s 2021 silver-winner Avature Career Marketplace continues to get praised by the industry, securing the gold award in this year’s edition under the Best Advance in Candidate Experience Management Technology category. With some of the world’s most prominent brands using Avature Career Marketplace to create powerful first impressions and drive top talent conversion, the solution was applauded for its innovative approach to the talent community, which centers on continuous innovation and showcasing each customer’s unique employer brand.

In the Best Advance in Career Management or Planning Technology category, Avature Internal Mobility was awarded its third consecutive gold for its adaptability and unique approach to skills matching, opportunity recommendations, workforce engagement and internal talent marketplaces. The solution empowers employees to own their career growth while aiding managers to fill business-critical internal opportunities, making it a cornerstone of industry leaders’ talent management strategies.

Avature also received a bronze recognition for its comprehensive recruiting suite in the Best Advance in Talent Acquisition Technology category. Defined by its flexibility, Avature’s recruiting suite enables global enterprises such as BMC and CBRE to support their digital transformation by combining multiple best-of-breed solutions on a single, continuously improving platform with agile business practices to achieve breakout performance.

A panel of independent industry experts and Brandon Hall senior analysts and executives evaluated Avature’s entries based on the following criteria:

  • Value Proposition: How does the solution solve problems and address business needs?
  • Innovation: What was the solution’s breakthrough innovation, and how does it offer effective applications supported by solid processes, strategies and methods?
  • Unique Differentiators: What makes the product different from any competing products?
  • Measurable Results: What are the benefits customers have experienced with this product?

With an ambitious roadmap for 2023, including the recently launched Learning Solution, Avature will continue to innovate in recruiting and talent management technology, delivering the agile and impactful technology customers need to cater for their changing needs in today’s complex talent market.

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