Rizing Launches Employee Experience Insights With Qualtrics and SAP® SuccessFactors®

Rizing Revolutionizes Employee Engagement With Employee Experience Insights for Qualtrics and SAP SuccessFactors


Rizing, a global professional services firm and leading SAP® partner, today announced the launch of Rizing Employee Experience Insights (EXI), a new solution focused on turning fundamental business processes into insights that spark significant organizational change. The addition of an EXI practice to Rizing’s portfolio further affirms Rizing’s commitment to empowering organizations to achieve results through transformation and creates a fully integrated approach to managing and improving human performance.

Rizing’s Employee Experience Insights will enable organizations to assemble sophisticated research results as employees interact with SAP® SuccessFactors® solutions by leveraging Qualtrics® experience data – the beliefs, intentions, and perceptions of employees.

“Rizing believes true business transformation comes from within and that understanding and responding to employee experiences within your business is a pivotal step,” says Luc Hédou, CEO of Rizing’s Human Capital Management line of business. “With Rizing Employee Experience Insights, we are committed to empowering organizations to use experience and operational data to spark productive change.”

With EXI, Rizing Goes Beyond Product Implementation

Rizing distinguishes the Qualtrics solutions they offer with their ability to advise customers on all stages of enabling an end-to-end experience management solution that makes sense for their unique businesses, and that maximizes people data across software solutions. The solution integrates the ability to collect and analyze data with Rizing’s capabilities to build experience assessments and counsel clients on how to use data to effect positive change. Rizing’s human capital management (HCM), organizational training and development, and change management professionals understand how to frame the questions each unique business needs.

Additionally, Rizing can gather data from any system and pull it into Lyra, Rizing’s proprietary analytics platform. Lyra can consume data from any system. Lyra then combines operational data with experience data from Qualtrics to propel data-driven decisions across the entire people-related ecosystem: from core HR and payroll through talent management, contingent workforce management, and travel and expense management.

Employee Experience Insights Adapts to Customer Needs

Rizing Employee Experience Insights delivers solutions adapted to what the customer needs, whether the customer prefers a do-it-yourself approach, guidance while building their survey or a full-service approach. With EXI, Rizing enables employers of all sizes to begin measuring and responding to employee experiences. This can be vital to business success. Studies by Gallup have shown that the ability to increase employee engagement can mean as much as three times more revenue.

“We are excited to welcome Rizing to the Qualtrics Partner Network,” said R.J. Filipski, Global Director of Business Development, Qualtrics. “With Rizing’s expertise in HR and Qualtrics’ leading experience management platform, we will help organizations around the world realize the positive people and business outcomes that the right technology and expertise can drive.”

“Experience management is absolutely essential across the industries we serve,” said Mike Maiolo, CEO of Rizing. “The ability to measure and improve experiences for customers and, in fact, all stakeholders is what differentiates one company from another. With the launch of EXI, we’re able to do that for Rizing customers with personalized services and real-time data from Qualtrics.”


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