Recruitment Portal Employyd Revamps with AI-based Hiring Features

Recruitment portal Employyd recently relaunched its website with new AI-based hiring tools and improved applicant tracking capabilities. New and refined capabilities will make it easier for companies to find qualified candidates and shorten their hiring cycles. Smart job search tools and application features enable job seekers to effortlessly find their next career opportunity.


Employyd, a full-featured recruitment portal, recently relaunched its website with new AI-based features to assist employers and job seekers in the hiring process. Employyd’s cloud-based platform-as-a-service solution is easier and more efficient than several competitors showcasing its job board features, an applicant tracking system, and a new AI-based recommendation engine.

The Employyd relaunch is part of a coordinated effort to combat the U.S. unemployment rate, now sitting at 6.75%. The coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the U.S. job market. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of unemployed persons has reached 10.7 million as of November 2020. Many businesses have closed down or downsized greatly reducing the opportunities for candidates to find employment. Employyd is a comprehensive solution for both candidates and employers.

Employers will find Employyd’s artificial intelligence capabilities some of the most useful. With AI, Employyd streamlines the recruitment workflow and makes it easier to manage high volume tasks. Its AI-based recommendation engine uses a smart algorithm to greatly shorten the hiring cycle and improve the quality of hire. Through automation, hiring managers can be more proactive in their hiring workflow, quickly determine a candidate’s fit, and improve efficiency within the HR department. Not only will employers find the right talent, but they will also reduce the costs to hire.

Candidates also have plenty to look forward to in the relaunch. Employyd’s core job board features continue to set it apart as a preferred platform. Candidates can create a free account and get started right away. Employyd’s video resume feature enables candidates to deliver a great first impression. Candidates will also benefit from Employyd’s AI-based recommendation engine by lining them up for multiple opportunities quickly.

The Employyd team acknowledges the hardships that the coronavirus pandemic has caused throughout 2020 to both employees and employers alike. To be sensitive to these financial hardships, Employyd will remain an affordable solution. While many recruitment platforms charge over $250 for a single job listing, Employyd will be offering its platform at a reasonable starting cost of less than $20 per job listing. As many look optimistically toward 2021, Employyd hopes to be a major catalyst for job creation in the new year.

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