PeopleScout named two-time winner in the 2022 Vega Digital Awards

International awards program recognizes PeopleScout's Talking Talent podcast and recruitment marketing campaigns for exceptional content and creativity


PeopleScout has been named a two-time winner in the 2022 Vega Digital Awards, winning a Centauri award for its Talking Talent podcast and an Arcturus award for its digital recruitment marketing campaigns. The Vega Digital Awards received over 1,500 submissions this year from 24 countries around the world.

“As skills shortages persist and attracting top talent remains a key priority for our clients, we continue to leverage innovative recruitment marketing and digital techniques to help overcome hiring challenges,” said Caroline Sabetti, chief marketing officer of PeopleReady and PeopleScout and senior vice president of TrueBlue communications. “We appreciate this recognition from Vega for our team who works tirelessly to help support our mission to connect people and work in today’s challenging market.”

PeopleScout’s Talking Talent podcast is an audio series that digs into issues related to talent acquisition and workforce management. The podcast shares perspectives and best practices from thought leaders across the globe with insights gained from years of experience in the industry.

The series covers everything from the unique challenges in sourcing, recruiting and retaining talent, to how employers and organizations around the world grapple with skills shortages and changing candidate expectations. Talking Talent also discusses the role technology plays—in both disrupting traditional talent acquisition models and solving new challenges.

PeopleScout’s award-winning recruitment marketing campaigns showcase the company’s unique culture and mission of connecting people and work to speak to the values of today’s candidates—focusing on career growth and a passion for changing lives and making a difference.

“It is a privilege that our platform has been able to continually promote and encourage excellence within the digital industry,” said Thomas Brandt, the spokesperson of the International Awards Associate (IAA). “With times changing yet again, we feel that it is extremely important for us to acknowledge and honor these individuals, as they will be the ones at the forefront leading the pack.”

The Vega Digital Awards is hosted by IAA, which oversees a series of award competitions to honor worldwide professional excellence.

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