Northpass Unveils Learning Ops Framework to Drive Performance

All-new operations model empowers businesses to deliver integrated and personalized learning experiences that impact business results.

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Northpass, a global technology company providing the leading cloud-based learning platform, unveiled today the Learning Ops framework, which aligns learning-based programs with businesses’ performance goals. The introduction of Learning Ops brings forward an all-new operations model that is supported with technology to deliver integrated and personalized learning experiences that are impactful for workforces, customers, and partners.

According to Gartner, 70 percent of workers say they do not have the mastery of the skills necessary to do their job today. Additionally, a mere 20 percent of workers say they have the skills needed for their current and future roles. Clearly, traditional learning-based initiatives are no longer sufficient.

For learning to make an impact, and thereby drive business outcomes, it needs to happen in a frictionless and more engaging way. This means adopting a flexible learning platform, embracing the connection of learning and business data, and welcoming the use of hyper-relevant, personalized content that has people leaning in. When learning becomes strategic, today’s business leaders can help tomorrow’s workers thrive in their roles, ensure users succeed with businesses’ products, and, ultimately, deliver best-in-breed customer experiences.

The Learning Ops framework consists of a three-step process, outlined below.

1. Align teams and outcomes, and prioritize for impact.
2. Create engaging content that drives better performance.
3. Deliver a frictionless and human learning experience.

For the full details, please visit Northpass’ Learning Ops webpage (

“After five years of partnering with the world’s most disruptive companies that are employing cutting-edge learning initiatives, we’ve decided to democratize our best practices that yield significant business results,” said Steve Cornwell, chief executive officer & founder, Northpass. “Innovation has caught up to the corporate learning technology ecosystem and it is primed to become an enabler of top-and bottom-line growth for today’s businesses. We are confident that Learning Ops will play a key role in shepherding this shift.”

The Learning Ops framework can be applied to any learning-powered initiative. Northpass, however, bases its research & development on the core principles of Learning Ops and is a practitioner of the methodology. Take, for example, Northpass’s launch of Properties, which allows its customer base to leverage data across their technology stack to personalize learning content at scale. Through continual feature updates, Northpass aims to increase learning’s impact on business outcomes.

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