New ‘Return to Workplace’ solutions launched by Infosys

Workplace solutions
Workplace solutions

The global leader of next-gen digital services, Infosys has launched new enterprise-grade Return to Workplace solutions in order to aid its clients in ensuring the well and safety of their workforce amidst the changing dynamics of working methods and ways. The hrtech news community has been featuring the ways in which businesses are trying to adapt to new ecosystems resultant on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The new solutions are edge and cloud-based and they deliver a comprehensive framework for providing enterprises the enablement of implementing the following –

Occupancy and workspace analytics for assisting the teams of real estate track the metrics on density, floor occupancy, and then automate the routines of sanitation of common areas.

Contactless biometrics to make sure that all the employees and visitors who enter the workplace, do so in a safe way.

COVID-19 Chatbot, that is powered by AI tech for assisting employees with their queries relating to scenarios of returning to the workplace.

Mask and Social Distancing Compliance by the use of video analytics algorithms that deliver alerts when there is no detection of masks or detection of the insufficient distance between people gathering at one place or walking together. Specific situations can incorporate the use of smart wearables.

Contact Tracing redefined in the category by making use of proven tech such as BLE and GPS, opt-in, and voluntary-based for building traceability.

Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) screening by leveraging AI on Edge and automation for assisting enterprises in screening their employees and visitors in real-time for any possible or potential infection to isolate and prevent them from getting inside the establishment.

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