SHL Call Center Hiring Solution Increases Customer Satisfaction

SHL Call Center

Find the Elusive ‘Wow Factor’ in Call Center Agents Using SHL’s Science and AI-Driven Platform

As the world faces all-time high unemployment rates and businesses experience a surge in job applications, call center leaders face an even greater challenge to quickly identify high-performing agents. Hiring the best talent is pivotal to the business in order to deliver high quality service to customers, and over 76% of call center leaders rank “improving the customer experience” as their top business priority.

“We have been working with leading call centers and business process outsourcing (BPOs) across the world and have helped them reduce the time to hire by 60%, and increased customer satisfaction scores by 32%,” said Arthur Rassias, SHL’s Chief Revenue Officer. “These performance metrics are only possible when businesses identify and hire talent who have the ‘wow factor’ and the potential for long-term tenure in the job.”

Hiring times have increased by 80% in the past decade and often the best talent receives several competing offers. SHL’s Call Center Solution removes this challenge by remotely assessing critical competencies, automating the hiring process, and providing deep insight into fit for the role.

Its predictive engine offers scalability to drive faster and fairer hiring decisions, so recruiters can focus on high-value recruiting activities like brand-building to improve the likelihood of success.

The Call Center Solution includes an AI-powered suite of language and communication assessments to quickly evaluate a candidate’s spoken language, as well as their written English and comprehension skills. It assesses the candidate’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) level — the international standard of evaluating language proficiency — and is available in multiple languages and global accents.

Finally, SHL’s remote end-to-end experience ensures every applicant is treated as a valued customer by providing personalized, insightful feedback at the conclusion of the process.

SHL, the market leader in talent innovation, launched its Call Center Hiring Solution, combining realistic call center simulations with scalable, predictive and role-specific assessments. This new solution identifies the highest performing call center agents, reducing turnover and increasing customer satisfaction.

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