Rizing launches EXI solution combines Qualtrics Data with SuccessFactors


Rizing has announced the introduction of a new solution for the purpose of capturing data from processes of businesses and then applying the same to organizational change. The hrtech news arena has highlighted the change in dynamics of organizations for a while now, and a solution catering to that area of action would be useful for businesses.

The solution called EXI or Exchange Experience Insights melds the SuccessFactors operations data with the Qualtrics experience information with the aim of assisting organizations in improving and enhancing the performance of their businesses. The outcome of which is a completely integrated approach to improve and manage human performance stated the company.

This new product by the company integrates the capability of collecting and analyzing data with the ability of the company to construct assessments of experiences as well as to advise customers on the correct way of utilizing data for effective change. The company further added that its Qualtrics solutions are not the same as others because of their ability to work with clients at each and every stage of when they adopt and implement an end-to-end experience management solution, specifically customized according to their businesses.

Mike Maiolo, the CEO of Rizing commenting on this new addition to the product suite stated that the differentiating point of one company from another lies in its ability to improve as well as to measure experiences for its customers and all its stakeholders. And, rolling out the Employee Experience Insights solution has given the company the capability of doing that for the customers of the company by offering personalized services as well as real-time information from Qualtrics.

The new solution can be adapted to every customer’s unique requirements.

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