Metaview announces Answers

  • Metaview releases large language model (LLM)-based chat interface that gives recruiters the ability to ask questions about candidates in their pipeline and instantly receive summaries of key details, exact data points, and underlying insights based on what was discussed in interviews.
  • The feature builds on Metaview’s AI-powered interview summarization that lets recruiters focus on high-quality engagement with candidates, without being distracted by the need for thorough notes.
  • Metaview Answers presents a new, AI-enabled model for how recruiters can extract data from unstructured, information-dense interviews to save time, make more informed decisions, and improve the candidate experience.

Metaview, the AI recruiting-tech company with backing from VVUS, Fly Ventures, Seedcamp, & Village Global, has released the first AI-powered conversational interface for interviews. The feature leverages the latest advancements in large language models (LLMs), including OpenAI’s GPT-4.

The feature supports recruiters by giving them instant access to the most important information about candidates in their pipeline: the information they share during the interview process. Recruiters can simply type in a question they have about a candidate and Metaview’s AI returns a response based on what was discussed in the interview. For example, a recruiter could ask what a candidate said their compensation expectations are, or ask for a reminder of key points that were discussed. Metaview’s AI also generates underlying insights, such as a candidate’s stated motivations for seeking a new role.

“Metaview Answers is the latest example of how we’re leveraging advancements at the bleeding edge of AI to help increase recruiters’ efficiency and empower them with insights and data to be more effective at the human elements of recruiting,” says co-founder Siadhal Magos. “With Answers, it’s like recruiters have their own assistant ready to recall any information they need to support hiring teams in making informed decisions and building connections with candidates.”

Customers that use Metaview see the benefits in their productivity and efficiency: they save an average of 5-10 hours per week per recruiter, and see time to hire reduced by 20% as a result of running higher-quality interviews.

Founded by Siadhal Magos and Shahriar Tajbakhsh in 2018, companies including Genentech, Quora, Robinhood, and Brex use Metaview to improve the quality and efficiency of their interview processes.

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