Leading All-In-One HR, Benefits Solution Launches Humi Marketplace

Humi Marketplace is a one-stop shop for administrators to access third-party health and wellness offerings

Humi, Canada’s leading all-in-one HR platform that provides small to medium-sized businesses with HR, payroll, insurance and benefits solutions, announces the launch of Humi Marketplace. Humi Marketplace is a one-stop shop for all Humi clients to access third-party health and wellness offerings from partner companies including Willful, Common Wealth, Inkblot and more.

Used by innovative employee experience leaders, like Collective Arts, Skylight, and Trillium College, Humi is on a mission to streamline people operations for small to medium-sized Canadian businesses to save HR professionals time so they can focus on other aspects of being a great employer. Humi Marketplace is a natural extension of that mission as it provides employees more opportunities to better themselves outside of traditional benefits offerings.

“We’re really excited to be launching Humi Marketplace and to be the first Canadian company to offer a benefits marketplace tied to an HR software,” said Bryan McLoughlin, VP of Group Benefits at Humi. “Humi Marketplace came from the feedback we received from our clients. It was important that as a leader in people operations, we listen to our users and apply their feedback to create a new product marketplace that makes sense for Canadian businesses.”

The pandemic has created a shift in priorities and has highlighted the need for benefit packages to support the employee outside of the workplace. By partnering with other forward-thinking companies, Humi is filling the gap in insurance plans and supporting its users by creating competitive benefits packages that help employers to attract and retain top talent. Humi Marketplace, as of right now, showcases eight different providers, offering services, ranging in financial wellness support, mental health support, and day-to-day health support.

“As a Canadian technology startup, Humi Marketplace is a great platform to be a part of,” said Erin Bury, CEO and Co-Founder of Willful, one of the inaugural companies on Humi Marketplace. “It’s an awesome way to provide employees who work at Canadian companies the visibility and transparency of what resources are available to them. The pandemic has shown us how important it is to have strong benefits to rely on, and Humi is doing a great job at keeping people connected with what really matters, like will and estate planning.”

Humi Marketplace is now available across Canada to all Humi clients, featuring inaugural partnerships with Willful, PocketPills, Inkblot, Common Wealth , Phyxable, My Friendly Lawyer, Acclaim Ability Management, Havern Benefits Strategies. New partners interested in joining the Humi Marketplace can email bryan@humi.ca to learn more about how you can showcase your offering.

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