Kashable and SecureSave Announce Partnership

Employees Nationwide to Receive Full-Service Credit Building Resources


During a time of record inflation when 51% of middle-income Americans are struggling to save, Kashable and SecureSave have joined forces to provide working Americans with access to affordable credit, emergency savings funds and financial wellness resources. Under a new partnership announced today, participating employers are for the first time empowered to offer SecureSave’s emergency savings accounts and Kashable’s low-cost loans all under one dashboard.

“Employers are paying attention to what their employees need – and that includes greater access to credit and simpler, secure ways to pay off debt while also building savings. Working with SecureSave, we’re offering employers and their employees comprehensive financial wellness benefit programs during a time when so many employees could use a little help,” said Einat Steklov, co-founder and co-CEO of Kashable.

97% of employers are feeling more responsible than ever for employees’ financial wellness. Amid this financial stress, employees are seeking support, with 82% reporting that their employer should play a role in supporting their financial wellness.

“Kashable is a forward-thinking company delivering financial solutions to employees and we are proud to partner with them to expand their innovative offerings to include emergency savings solutions,” said Devin Miller, CEO and Co-Founder of SecureSave. “Together, we drive more support to employees who are looking for ways to feel and be financially secure.”

According to a recent SecureSave report, 74% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck and lacking personal finance skills. Kashable and SecureSave are partnering together to help alleviate this financial stress for Americans by providing access to savings and personal finance tools to millions of employees across the country.

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