Kaplan Professional Launches “The Remote Ready Webinar Series”

Seven-part series focuses on overcoming COVID-19 workplace challenges including remote working, leading change in crisis and future-proofing your business

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Kaplan Professional announced today the launch of “The Remote Ready Webinar Series,” seven one-hour webinars that cover key topics that will help managers and organizations acquire the skills needed to overcome the current workplace business challenges due to COVID-19.

Webinar topic list

● The Socially Distant OfficeRemote Working

Explore the challenges of working remotely and how to overcome them. Take this opportunity to learn and share best practices, and take away practical ideas that you can implement today.

● Creating Work/Life Balance While Working Remotely

Working at home is a great opportunity for increased productivity as long as you achieve a proper work/life balance. Explore practices that will help you manage competing priorities in a virtual work environment.

● Coaching and Motivating Remote Teams

Coaching and motivating in a remote environment can be challenging. You can’t read body language and see the small signs of frustration, confusion or stress. Learn how to coach and motivate your teams to increase engagement and performance while working remotely.

● Creating a Virtual Operating Rhythm

In a virtual work environment, we need to establish a new cadence for how teams work together, communicate and get things done. Learn practices for establishing an operating rhythm for your team to enhance productivity and connectivity in a virtual environment.

● Leading Change in Times of Crisis

The transition to virtual work in response to the COVID-19 crisis creates short-term stress as employees start to work from home. This shift in working will inevitably create a long-term paradigm shift in many businesses and industries. Learn how to lead your teams through change and adversity by building resilience in these challenging times.

● Future-Proofing Your Business (Two-Part Webinar)

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, businesses are making reactive decisions as they quickly shift how they operate. But how do we move to a proactive approach that future proofs our business? Learn how to help support recovery and ongoing change as we move through and beyond this time.


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