Jolt Launches Jolt Communication Manager

Jolt Software

Jolt Software, the leader in digital food safety and operations execution software for restaurants, has launched a new product called Jolt Communication Manager.

Designed to streamline communication between operators and their employees and stores, Jolt Communication Manager ensures that critical information is delivered to the right people, at the right time, in the right way, through two features: Announcements and Message Blasts.

With the Announcements feature, notifications are displayed to designated employees once they log in to the app. After the notification is shown, follow up questions can be displayed to ensure that the employee understood the communication. They must answer the follow up questions before they can do anything else in the app.

Message Blasts allow operators to send SMS and/or email messages directly to individual employees or teams, using the employee’s personal contact information. This ensures that communications are not missed.

“We wanted to create a solution that could convey urgent updates quickly and effectively. If you think about a food recall, it is vital to pull the recalled food from shelves as soon as humanly possible. You need to not only get that message to your employees immediately, but ensure that they read and understand it. That’s what Jolt Communication Manager does,” stated Josh Bird, Founder & CEO of Jolt.

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