Intrideo Launches Next Generation HR Technology

New CTS will change the face of traditional recruitment practices.

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Intrideo by Socy Inc, a disruptive technology start-up, has announced the launch of the world’s leading Candidate Tracking System (CTS) during the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas. The new Intrideo CTS is designed specifically for the HR sector and will revolutionize current practices by changing the way candidates apply for jobs, as well as how recruiters screen and select applicants.

Intrideo uses video and cutting-edge targeting and analytics technologies to find top quality candidates online; automatically screen their interest, skill and personality profiles; schedule interviews, and hire the perfect applicants. Recruiters are now able to reduce their hiring time by 70% and turnover by 84% using the Intrideo CTS that includes a one-click Personality Fit Assessment and 20 second applicant video.

Says CEO of Intrideo by Socy Inc, Andrew Calderon; “Intrideo eliminates all the pain points of traditional recruitment practices; from sifting through hundreds, if not thousands of paper resumes, to selecting the right candidates for interview. This new Intrideo platform provides quality not quantity of candidates and gives recruiters the full picture of a pre-screened and validated applicant before ever having a conversation with them.”

With more companies than ever before recruiting online through job boards, Intrideo provides a new solution that saves HR professionals valuable time and resources.

“The demand for video profiling and analytics abilities is increasing globally in the recruitment world and we believe that all HR functions will need to utilize this technology to become a proactive and, eventually, profitable cost centre within their organization,” continues Andrew Calderon.

Leading experts from technology and industry collaborated to conceive and develop Intrideo as a solution to expensive HR problems. The Intrideo CTS is now available and is already in use by global companies such as McDonalds, Tim Hortons, A&W and Yum brands.

To learn more about Intrideo, please visit or booth 447 at the HR Tech Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, September 11-15th, 2018 for a platform demonstration.

About Intrideo by Socy Inc.
Intrideo by Socy Inc. is a Canadian technology start-up with offices in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Intrideo is the world’s first CTS (Candidate Tracking System) that eliminates the hassles involved in communicating with the volumes of applicant’s organizations receive every day. The platform unveils a candidate’s soft skills, hard skills and fit before you’ve spent a moment talking with them.


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