interviewIA Secures $2M to Expand HR Tech Product Offerings


interviewIA — a technology platform that manages all aspects of the job interview workflow to enable the coexistence of equitable and efficient hiring — has raised $2 Million in its seed round to fund strategic hires and product development as well as growth initiatives. This Series Seed round was led by The Colorado Impact Fund, with participation from FirstMile Ventures, Rockies Venture Club, Outbound Capital, DaseinterviewIA — a technology platform that manages all aspects of the job interview workflow to enable the coexistence of equitable and efficient hiringin Capital, Stout Street Capital, and Service Provider Capital.

interviewIA fills an urgent need to help all interviewers deliver a consistent, non-biased experience driven by structure and real-time analytics to hire a diverse, qualified workforce. interviewIA’s founding team established and validated this unique methodology while working together over the last several years on the front lines of innovative talent strategies. Three years ago they built the first version of this interview platform and began to iterate on the value that this could bring to the market.

Over the last year, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, systemic inequalities, and economic uncertainty have permanently altered how companies hire and work. For mid-market and enterprise organizations that are embracing the changing future of interviewing and hiring, interviewIA provides a crucial platform.

“We are excited to partner with the interviewIA team to help scale their uniquely positioned technology platform,” says Ryan Kirkpatrick, Co-Managing Partner of the Colorado Impact Fund. “As hiring accelerates through the recovery from the pandemic and considering the call to action on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion after the social movements this past summer, we believe a solution to make the interview process more efficient, structured, and unbiased is important and timely.”

Joe Thurman, CEO of interviewIA, adds, “Our technology allows organizations to implement new and innovative approaches to hiring. We are using workflow management to change the way the world builds teams and create a more inclusive future of work. There is no better time for technology, like interviewIA, than post-pandemic and in the middle of a true desire for social change around the world. We’re grateful to have investors that align with our vision to build better workforce solutions and strategies.”

Craig Smith, former President and COO of ANGI Homeservices and now Board Member of interviewIA, says, “interviewIA was a key strategic partner as we developed our talent brand and hiring strategy at HomeAdvisor. I’m excited that they’ll have the opportunity to automate and scale this proven model, enabling more companies to make smart, data-driven hiring decisions.”

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