Indonesia Wins 2 Gold for Best HR Tech

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ASI Asia Pacific’s SMART AC (Virtual Assessment and Development Centre) has been recognized as the Best HR Tech – Employee Performance Management Solution and its’ SMART PLATFORM (Online Employee Assessment Platform) has been recognized as the Best HR Tech – Talent Management Solution in 2020 by the HRM Asia Reader’s Choice Awards.

  • 88% of ASI Asia Pacific customers have now moved to these two solutions to keep their businesses running as per pre-pandemic conditions
  • As well as enjoying the added benefits of cost reductions and time savings.

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“We originally built both technologies to ensure all Indonesian organisations remain globally competitive in the areas of talent management,” said Kevin Thompson, ASI Asia Pacific’s Managing Director. “Indonesian organizations, being in the largest archipelago in the world, have to spend an enormous amount of time and money to screen and assess top talent throughout the country. Our SMART PLATFORM slashes cost and time out of the screening process so hiring managers can focus on identifying the perfect person and the perfect fit. Even more so with our SMART AC solution, as this has become essential during the pandemic, as many customers have been forced into a virtual approach for their Assessment and Development Centres.”

The SMART PLATFORM is Indonesia’s first Online Employee Assessment Platform to be exported to an international market, thanks to such benefits as animated and mobile-friendly assessments, use of Artificial Intelligence for improving accuracy, hosting ASI Asia Pacific’s extensive assessment portfolio measuring personality, motivation, skill, ability, and behaviour; as well as providing an incredibly user-friendly interface for both clients and candidates.

ASI Asia Pacific’s SMART AC is Indonesia’s benchmark Virtual Assessment and Development Centre solution, thanks to the suite of exercises that are included: Hosting Live Interviews; Hosting Role Plays, Business Case Studies, Oral Presentations, Scheduling Exercises; as well as accommodating traditional exercises still in demand such as Focus Group Discussions and online In-Tray exercises.

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