IMI Software Labs Launches Rhonda

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New Platform Provides Employers with Timely Insights to Build a People-First Culture

IMI Software Labs, a division of IMI People, today announced the immediate availability of Rhonda, a new SaaS solution that provides organizations with a real-time pulse on employee satisfaction, including employees’ outlook on management, culture or opinions on virtually anything. Rhonda aims to offer employers the actionable and timely insights necessary for building a people-first culture.

“Amid an overarching shift to a work-from-home hybrid workforce, organizations of all sizes are being met with new roadblocks to understanding employee sentiment,” said Rudi Asseer, CEO at IMI People. “Rhonda provides a superior way to monitor how employees truly feel about their work, management and/or the company’s direction, whether they are remote or in the office.”

Previously, companies have relied on stagnant quarterly or annual employee surveys, which often yield outdated responses by the time data is processed. Rhonda now enables barrier-free communication through the power of AI, allowing employees to provide genuine feedback regardless of location.

“Rhonda has been a breakthrough solution for us, where we can immediately ask all of our employees how they are doing, what management can do to improve and more,” said Dina Doman, Head of Human Resources at Score Promotions. “This is now an essential tool for creating a culture of excellence.”

Rhonda’s key features include:
Pulses and Surveys: Managers can easily set up pulses or surveys to send to their employees daily, weekly or monthly to gain insight into current sentiment. Pulses and surveys can be sent over SMS, email or the new Rhonda mobile app, making it easy for employees to access and respond.

Ask Rhonda Anything: Rhonda’s built-in 24/7 answer desk makes it easy for employees to ask questions like ‘Where can I see my paystub?’ or ‘Where can I see my vacation balance?’ freeing up dedicated employees from answering redundant questions. Ask Rhonda’s AI chat agent can be customized using a variety of personas, allowing the answers to seamlessly match the voice and tone of the organization.

Powerful Real-Time Dashboard Analytics: Rhonda automatically generates a dashboard for managers, providing immediate access to pulse results and trends, as well as the ability to easily set up new pulses and automations.

Feedback Tracking System: Rhonda empowers managers to track and assign feedback results to appropriate owners for follow-up action.

Job Candidate Screening: Rhonda helps recruiters cut down on time spent screening by prompting an interactive dialogue with job applicants. Applicants’ responses are scored and those who receive an overall score higher than the defined threshold are shortlisted for potential interviews. (PRO ONLY)

Onboarding: Research shows a strong correlation between effective onboarding programs and employee retention. Rhonda’s onboarding feature allows companies to configure and tailor a seamless onboarding experience for new hires. (PRO ONLY)

Employee Lifecycle: Rhonda allows managers to build pulses for their teams from hire to retire. Employee Lifecycle is comprised of a templated automated workflow that triggers pulse checks on employees’ first day, week, month, year and/or any other milestone that the company deems important to track. (PRO ONLY)

Rhonda is available in the following versions:
Rhonda Lite (Free): This version supports teams of up to 10 people and enables two pulses per month.

Rhonda Pro (Subscription): Starting at just $4.25 per employee each month (based on an annual plan), this version offers more flexibility and options to engage with employees.

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