OneNotary Launches On-Demand I-9 Verification Service

New Solution is Revolutionizing Remote and On-Demand Employment Eligibility Verification for Modern Workplaces and Works Seamlessly with E-Verify


OneNotary, a leading eNotary provider, today announced its On-Demand I-9 verification service. With the introduction of I-9, OneNotary is building upon the success of its best-in-class notarization product used by tens of thousands of notaries and customers. The new service will replace traditional in-person, paper-based processes with an online solution that is fully integrated with E-Verify and a network of nationwide notaries available 24/7.

“In today’s work environment, with an increasing emphasis on digitization and connecting with remote and hybrid employees, the need for reliable and online verification services is more critical than ever,” said Ivan Zinkov, Co-founder and CEO of OneNotary. “Our new I-9 verification service leverages new advanced technology, to provide a secure, compliant, and user-friendly solution that meets the evolving needs of modern workplaces.”

Government agencies are intensifying scrutiny of I-9 compliance, making it imperative for businesses to adopt robust solutions. The latest developments in worksite enforcement and digital verification increase the likelihood of audits and legal actions against non-compliant companies. The consequences of failing to adhere to these regulations can be severe, including hefty civil penalties, damaging lawsuits, and criminal charges.

“The government is getting serious about I-9 compliance with E-Verify, and the shift to digital processes makes it easier for them to conduct more frequent audits than in the past,” noted Anant Agrawal, President of OneNotary. “Our service not only saves businesses time from having to complete the I-9 on their own, but also protects them from the risks associated with potential audits.”

OneNotary’s I-9 verification service completes the On-Demand remote I-9 sessions by pairing the employee with our top-tier network of nationwide notaries. Employers can now conduct accurate I-9 verification without the logistical challenges of doing it themselves. This flexibility enhances the employee onboarding experience and reduces administrative burdens for HR departments and business owners, allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives.

To start using OneNotary’s new I-9 verification service, customers provide the required information for E-Verify and sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) sent via email. This one-time process allows OneNotary to create E-Verify cases on behalf of their business. After each verification session concludes with the notary, feedback is gathered from the employee to ensure satisfaction, and the case is automatically created in E-Verify, ensuring full compliance with federal and state regulations.

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