HRTech interview with Diane Albano for Pangeo Conference

Pangeo Conference

Diane Albano shares insights about the Pangeo Conference focusing on remote workplaces and workplace collaboration.

1. Tell us about your role at Globalization Partners.
I joined Globalization Partners in September of 2019 as Chief Revenue Officer, where I manage a growing team of sales/marketing professionals with a focus on go-to-market strategy, optimizing revenue models and creating new business channels. Working with the senior team at Globalization Partners, we have created the industry’s leading global employment platform. We’ve also established entities in over 187 countries that are fully and legally compliant with local laws and customs and recruited in-country HR specialists to create one of the fastest-growing, women-led companies in America. I firmly believe that the business world is experiencing a fundamental shift in which the remote global workforce is creating new market opportunities, and I enjoy using my expertise on establishing and growing new markets to help companies thrive.

2. Can you give us an insight of the Pangeo Conference?
PANGEO’s goal is to be the biggest and most informative talent conference in the world. This is the first year of Globalization Partners’ annual conference that will educate, inspire, train and equip companies with the ideas, skills, and best practices to thrive in the new ‘future of work’ world. PANGEO derives its name from the 300-million-year-old supercontinent, Pangea, when the earth’s landmasses were united as one. Today, the world has transformed itself—reunited once again in what we call PANGEO—a new world of opportunities without boundaries as post-pandemic workforces move to remote and hybrid models, putting the world’s workforce in the spotlight.

3. What is the motive of the Pangeo Conference?

The desire for talent has never been more insane with the explosion of a workforce that is beyond remote.

But as an entrepreneur or global leader, how do you manage the talent to match your business goals and plans? Pangeo will bring together visionaries from around the world who will discuss key trends, strategies, and personal experiences, designed to help you build fast and agile remote teams.
During this three-day virtual event, attendees will get a chance to hear from experts on how to build efficient, high-performing global remote teams, how to create integrated employee experiences, and why both compliance and speed are critical for long-term success in 2021 and beyond. With three clear tracks of engagement—Evolve, Grow, and Learn—PANGEO caters to businesses of all sizes, stages of growth, and development trajectory.
PANGEO will cover everything your team needs to know about hiring international talent, reskilling at scale, keeping your company compliant across borders, tapping into opportunities that lie in new markets around the world, and building productive remote teams to unlock the full potential of your company’s long-term success.

4. How do you see remote workplaces considering the current employee situation?
Remote work is helping those in traditionally disadvantaged communities to gain access to top jobs, regardless of their location. At a global level, this is bringing a democratization of employment and helping transform stagnant local economies. We are starting to see a re-population of depressed, post-industrial regions and the revival of rural economies. Remote work has also given flexibility to employees seeking the benefits of regional relocation. The Globalization Partners Global Employee Survey found that 22 percent of employees relocated regionally during the pandemic, and the lower cost of living and real estate prices have enabled many to move into home ownership.
Globalization Partners is a technology company at its core, and our best-in-class global employment platform allows customers to efficiently hire talent using the fastest, easiest and most compliant solution available anywhere. The platform also uses data-driven tools that assist customers on benefits decisions and leads them through what is considered the norm in each country they are expanding into.

5. What is the importance of workplace collaboration for business expansion?
Many business owners know that the success of your business depends on how quickly your employees can collaborate with one another. Projects that would normally take months to complete can be finished in the matter of weeks if everyone can put their heads together. However, the most crucial aspect of workplace collaboration is being able to gather team members’ unique standpoints and expertise to get the best job done. Companies that encourage collaboration open up opportunities for growth and allow employees to go beyond their comfort zones and reach new heights.

6. What are your views on Human Resource compliance in modern business?
Now with more companies hiring employees all over the world and with each country having their own unique regulations, compliance is more critical than ever. We launched the Employer of Record industry 10 years ago, and we want to share our decade of experience at the PANGEO conference. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the crucial levers for accelerating and streamlining their journey to the future of work and come away prepared for the changes to come.

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Diane Albano Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer at Globalization Partners

Diane Albano is Globalization Partners’ Chief Revenue Officer; leading the Sales, Marketing and Partnership organizations across all regions.
Diane Albano has led high-performance sales teams for more than three decades, and is recognized for her strategic expertise in managing complex sales and services organizations. She has extensive international experience establishing and growing global markets, including Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. Prior to Globalization Partners, Diane served in executive sales leadership roles at OpSec Security Inc., Ipswitch Inc., SmartBear Inc., Deltek Inc., Soundbite Communications, Workscape Inc., Fast (a subsidiary of Microsoft), and Progress Software.
Diane is passionate about leading and developing organizations to achieve success and exponential growth, all while combining fun, motivation, integrity, and inspiration.
Diane holds a Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of Massachusetts and attended the Harvard Business School Program for Management Development. Outside of work, she loves to spend time with her family, skiing, golfing, playing tennis, scuba diving, and traveling the world.


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