HealthTap Ensures Timely Employee Benefits Usage

With Care Orchestration, HealthTap doctors maximize the value of employee benefits through recommendations at point-of-care

HealthTap, a leading virtual healthcare provider, today announced that HealthTap Enterprise clients can add Care Orchestration into their HealthTap employee telemedicine plans. Care Orchestration encourages timely use of employee health and wellness benefits, based on personalized recommendations from HealthTap doctors.

“There is no authority more influential, trusted, and effective in deciding which healthcare services you need than your own doctor,” said HealthTap CEO Sean K. Mehra. “Doctors know their patients best. By equipping them with new information about what other benefits their patients can access with Care Orchestration, doctors can be even more effective by routing them to the most clinically-appropriate and effective services, exactly when they need them.”

With Care Orchestration, doctors have visibility into the benefits that organizations offer employees, which can range from diabetes management and back pain programs, to fertility counseling, dental care, and mental health support. During visits, doctors make relevant recommendations about benefits that address specific concerns and diagnoses, helping employees to take full advantage of resources provided by employers.

For example, HealthTap’s Dr. Geoff Rutledge orders diabetes screening tests for a patient, whose employer provides HealthTap to all team members. The tests indicate prediabetes, which can be treated through lifestyle changes. Dr. Rutledge sees that his patient’s workplace offers a diabetes prevention program, but they are unaware of this benefit. Dr. Rutledge encourages his patient to register for the program to reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

The need for benefits education and awareness continues to grow, and HR leaders are seeking ways to drive meaningful engagement in the programs in which they have invested. According to a 2021 Voya Financial survey, 35% of employed individuals report not fully understanding any of the employee benefits they’re enrolled in. The numbers are higher among younger workers, with 54% of millennials reporting that they don’t understand their benefits.

While many organizations offer comprehensive benefits, most employees don’t take full advantage of what’s available. Some are unaware of their benefits, while others may be confused about them. Both the employer and the employee lose in this situation. Employees don’t get the care and services they need, while employers pay for unused benefits.

HealthTap’s Care Orchestration changes this paradigm, injecting the voice of doctors into benefits communications. By helping people better understand their benefits during visits, doctors can play an even greater role in supporting stronger health and wellbeing for their patients.

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